31 May 2007

So, it may be safe to say that Ive been on some sort of vacation. But that'd be a bit of a fib and these days I am doing my very best to be honest with myself even though some of that honesty hurts more than I'd like it to (eventually I am hoping that the hurtful honesty will become not so hurtful and much more normal). Ether way, I have not been vacationing. But What I have been doing is collecting stories about this city. I've gone a head and listened in on strangers conversations (everyone loves this city when the sun is shining), met new and interesting people who have all sorts of things to do with fashion and booze (where I shamefully boasted about this little space and noted it had been days since I last posted and the new and interesting person noted that that is an eternity),  and spent some much needed quality time in bed and with my puppy. Okay, I have also been running rampant on certain evenings with a gaggle of Geminis and a pocket full of vodka. But really, that's it.

Anyway. there are all sorts of new things happening in my life - new addresses and new employers. new stories, new friends, new debt, new vacations, new lovely obsessions (dresses! dresses! dresses!). For awhile, all this "new" had me in a bit of a funk - I wasn't quite sure why I always sought the new. And I guess is all boils down to perfect timing - as a new year for yours truly is approaching (13 days to be exact) and this year, per the way it's starting, is bound to be the best one thus far.

So, this is my formal apology AND commitment to you, Internet. I'll be here, every day, so long as you promise to be here too.

For now. Please go to MOE Bar. It's the new appendage to NUMOS. It  is the EXACT same shape (long and narrow) as the it's predecessor. However, the walls are cooler (awesome wall paper), the art behind the bar reeks of something famous, and the new raised booth section in the back is the best birds eye view  - perfect for scanning the hip to be hipsters that slide in and out on any given night.  Oh and, the drinks are still stiff.

Moe Bar (10th and Pike, Next to Numos)
1425 10th ave
Seattle, WA 98122

23 May 2007

(excuse my absence. I have been out and about crossing things off my"why I love this city" list, rubbing elbows with the see and be seen on capitol hill and riding bikes in the San Juan's. Today I have a boutique crawl planned and promise to let you all know what my favorite shops have hidden in the racks for summer.)

Memorial day weekend is upon us. Most of you will be on boats with beers or out of town - I wish you all the most fun and want to thank you in advance. I am beyond excited to have this city all to my self.

However, when you return, be sure to stop by See Sound Lounge for  this event:

It's an event created by a couple of friends of mine to raise awareness on human trafficking. There will be live art, fantastic people and great music. The cover is $5.00 (minimum) and yours truly will be at the door. So if we haven't met face to face nows the perfect chance.

18 May 2007

Dear Internet (two letters in one week! WOW.),

For the past year and a few months I have been holding my breath. Today, I exhaled a long, steady stream of stagnant air.

I'd recommend stepping back for a few days and letting that air do its thing in the atmosphere, because I wouldn't want you to breathe in all that I have been holding in, I just wouldn’t be fair.

Instead? Let's meet next Monday at a coffee shop and I'll tell you all about the next breath I'm about to take.


ps- I have bed bugs. Let me tell you, they are not as cute as they sound. And it’s no sort of wives tale, the do indeed bite.

16 May 2007

Mom my owns a vestibule for creamer that is shaped like a cow. I am confident that lots of other of other households have this same creamer. Without shame she would sever after dinner coffee accompanied by the cow creamer. And without fail, my uncle would muster a deep hearty MOO every time someone picked up the cow to pour some cream.

On our road trips to Black Butte, Oregon every summer my insanely accountable father would MOO at every cow we saw along the highway and encourage us to communicate with them as well.

The other day, I held my puppy nose to nose with The Dater, and out of nowhere he expat a full, throaty MOO in the puppy’s face. She looked at him quizzically and I giggled inside remembering that all the really great men in my life have the best MOO's and aren't afraid to use them.

Cow Creamer, $26.00, Williams Sonoma, University Village.
Dear Internet,

I'd once been told that those who speak with less words come across as more intelligent. And that in writing, using less yet more precise words makes for a better, smarter paragraph.

The thing is Internet, in my head all these things that I share with you are quite simple. However, when they make their way from the back of my brain to the deepest part of my soul and then out through my fingers - these thoughts tend to pick up a few too many analogies and all sorts of improper punctuation.

My theme as of late is less is more. Less money for more fulfillment, less time for a truer deeper love; less is more - more or less. And you see Internet, this is where I get a bit confused, because this minimalist that rests in the most sincere part of my brain directly conflicts with the expressionist that holds court in my heart. And the more I allow the two to make a wish with my collar bone the more they each make sense to me.

So, that’s the hardest thing about this less is more thing. I am making all sorts of decisions that require a few steps back in order to skip several strides forward. And as uncomfortable as some of these decisions make me. I know that in the back of my mind where all these thoughts began, they are 100% absolutely the right decisions.


15 May 2007

When I was a little girl, my mother required we do most of our "back to school" shopping at JC Penny's or other "discount" stores. I can't tell you the horror that ran through my veins when I knew I had to wear clothing that didn't have a shiny golden N on the tag. What I can tell you, what I remember most, is the times where she took us to Nordstrom to buy something special.

And now, in my adult life, when I am taking the steps to pay back the debt of desiring labels, I applaud the discount and the rare "special" purchase.

Over the years, when least expecting it, I have come across my most treasured pieces at a few places that downright shun the shiny golden N.

Fremont Market- On any given Sunday, you can come across fantastic finds for your closet or home. My most favorite pieces:

1970's style Hawaiian Wrap Dress (shown here on my gorgeous friend Lauren), $1.00

Patent Leather Canary Yellow Clutch w/ broken gold strap, $3.00.

Fremont Boutique's Sales. When these shops that line the streets of Fremont decide to discount, they REALLY discount. My favorite place for a phenomenal sale: Belle Fleur Lingerie Boutique.

IAN, Down Town Seattle. When Ian Discounts, they reeeeaaaly discount. Currently they have their winter and holiday collection on sale for 40-70% off. You can find Vivina Westwood and your favorite designer denim at AMAZING rates. IAN typically sets up for a massive sale twice a year.

And of course, there is always, Target. I know you all know this, but mixing a few less expensive trendy pieces with other well designed classic pieces can make for a solid, smart and sophisticated look.

14 May 2007

The thing is about days, is that they only last 24 hours. Sometimes it's not nearly long enough and other times you'd wish they'd shorten themselves by (at least) 23 hours.

And the great thing about Mother Nature, is that no matter how you plead with her, she'll never change the way things work. Because her ways have been the ways for quite some time, and eventually you'll have to learn to trust that she knows what she is doing.

It's a new day and things are looking bright.

13 May 2007

(There is a part of my emotional skin that has stretched so far I have become increasingly more worried that it will forever hang idly covering up what used to be my most beautiful feature.)

Hey Internet - I'd like you to meet CoCo. She's the reason for a lot of the smiles on my face.

Internet, CoCo; CoCo, Internet.

11 May 2007

In honor of mother's day, I asked my mom to write a blog. I told her she could write about anything, anything she wanted. I suggested shopping and food to keep with the theme of this little space - and safely, she chose restaurants, and some really great and notable places at that.

Surprisingly, she didn't mention El Gaucho and the time (many many years ago) when she had a few too many martinis and locked herself in the bathroom and was discovered escaping under the stall, three sheets to the wind with her clam diggers around her ankles. You see, that is the thing I love about my mom - that when put in a predicament, she does what she needs to do to get herself out - at whatever cost and in a way that causes the least amount of help from others. She is the woman who once baked 412 elephant cookies to raise awareness for the endangered elephants. She is the woman who taught me to escape into the most colorful places in my imagination when I felt alone and listened as I made sense of my elaborate adventures. She taught me how to make meatloaf and the best way to deal with bully's ("kill 'em with kindness").   She, like most mom's , is the woman who dusted my path with her magic, that special special thing that only mothers possess.

Happy Mother's Day Momma!

My Mom's First Blog:

With Mother’s Day right around the corner my lovely daughter asked me to write a blog on some of my favorite Seattle eateries. So….here goes.

You know the saying…….everything old is new again. So true for Hattie’s Hat, a tavern/eatery in Ballard. In the ‘olden days’ our group used to frequent there. The Knuts, Svens and Olsens have given way to the new Ballard crowd. A popular place for after work

Have you discovered Snappy Dragon? A wonderful Chinese restaurant on Roosevelt and 90th. Owner Judy Fu is known for her homemade noodles and delicious dumplings. Just the right touch of ginger. Don’t miss out on the fried eggplant, a house speciality.

The Edmonds Bakery on Main Street in Edmonds is a treat for the sweet tooth and the eyes. The bakery is filled with cookie jars of all shapes and sizes, collected over the last 30 years. A great place to meet a friend or take a grandchild for milk and a treat. Coffee is not so great, but the baked goods make up for it. Their home baked bread is wonderful and reasonably priced.

Want a blast from the past? CarHops live! Visit BurgerMaster on the Bothell-Everett Highway. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be there on the one-day-a- year the carhops wear roller skates! Good burgers, onion rings to die for and great shakes. Try their grilled crab sandwich…..YUMO! This particular BurgerMaster has vintage cars show up on Saturday nights in the summer. And oldies but goodies records (boy that dates me!) are played every day.

Breakfast….ah…..breakfast. Try the Mukilteo Patti’s Egg Nest. The fresh squeezed OJ by the pitcher or the glass and eggs Benedict are a great combo. And they serve breakfast till 3:00. The Maltby Café’s coffee is wonderful as well as their egg scrambles. For a more upscale choice, Kirkland’s Anthony’s Homeport Sunday brunch. The view is spectacular and the food delicious. Great bloody marys! For a special occasion try Snoqualmie Falls Lodge. Worth the drive and you’ll enjoy the waterfall. Reservations suggested for Anthony’s and required for the Lodge.

Rory’s by the Edmonds ferry dock gets my kudo for baby back ribs. A funky, casual place with succulent, tender baby backs. Add good French fries, a salad and a cold beer and you’re in pig heaven.

Let’s not forget dessert. Arnie’s has delicious coconut ice cream. If you’re a coconut freak like me this place is right down your alley. You can find Arnie’s restaurants on the Everett waterfront, Mukilteo, Edmonds and downtown Seattle. Give me burnt crème anytime, another Arnie’s speciality. Want dessert after a movie or concert? Hit the

B & O Café on Olive Way (Capitol Hill area). It’s open late for those not ready to retire too early. To die for lemon cake….light and delicious. A large variety of cakes, pies and confections. Pair your choice with a cup of their delicious coffee and you’re in heaven.

I could go on and on, but know space is limited. Us “old folks” still get around.

09 May 2007

At this very moment, this makes perfect sense to me:

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." – Mark Twain
Sushi on Tuesday's is always a good idea. Last night, The Dater, My Cousin and The Dater's Manager stepped out for dinner at Umi Sake House (2230 1st Ave Seattle, WA 98121; on First and Blanchard). I need to tell you, in general, I prefer to not be in the "see and be seen" for dinner (I save that sort of nonsense for drinking and dancing). I'd rather talk and laugh and let wasabi/soy sauce drip down my chin in a comfortable (yet chic) pair of denim and a T. So, Umi Sake house on a Friday or Saturday night, not my cup of tea.

BUT, on a Tuesday? It was totally perfect. We decided to order a barrage of rolls and share. We totaled out at 8 (almost too much for our group of 4) with a few pieces left over. The rolls at Umi are unique and delicious. I literally liked every one of the 8 we ordered, none of the tastes/textures were redundant - which I have learned is hard to come by. My favorite roll is the Tropical Paradise: salmon, strawberry, avocado, tobiko, cucumber wrapped with tuna & mango, served with blueberry sauce – yummy and refreshing!

The best part of the entire meal - the bill. For the 4 of us to eat (heartily) and have two drinks each, 200.00 (including tip). $50.00/person for FANTASTIC sushi and bevy's - that is a great deal!

07 May 2007

It's when I least expect it loveliness pops up in the most unforeseen places.

I went ahead and bottled this weekend in a teeny tiny glass decanter from Egypt. It'll sit in a very safe spot until a time comes along where all the wonderful things in this world have disappeared. Because this weekend was full of such a high potency of amazingness you'd only need a teeny tiny drop of this serum to change any sort of un-fun way forever.

The one thing I did miss out on was SAM at 200am. Did you go? Tell me all about it!

One thing I did not miss out on: Crate and Barrel. Shamefully I had never been in the store, except to furniture shop. Little did I know they also sell insanely inexpensive and chic house wares and decorative knickknacks.

Here's what I got:

Memo Clips, $1.95 each (for long overdue photo display)

Solid Rug, $9.99

Tiki Rub, $9.99

Shell Spheres, $3.95-4.95 each

Here's what I'd get if I had a Patio:

Grass Tray, $8.95

Grass Shot Glasses, set of 6, $5.95

ALL CRATE and BARREL (University Village, 2680 NE 49th St, Seattle, WA (206).937.9939)

I know I am the last on the boat with C and B, but WOW, what cute and inexpensive stuff.

04 May 2007

This weekend promises to be filled with (almost) everything I love.

My Cousin Jamie and Aunt Carol are headed out from Kentucky for a long visit. Saturday evening there will be a family dinner with down home food, belly laughs, kids, and photo albums. SAM is re-opening it's doors this weekend and allowing all of you lucky ducks to visit for free for 36 hours (open during the entire 36 hours). There will be DJ's, Gospel Choirs and Jazz bands. There will be all sorts of shenanigans throughout the City on Saturday night - I'll be at crimson C shaking it to this guy and these two. I am going HERE for a facial. Also, there is a chance you'll see me running around my neighborhood with my puppy in tow.

I have a pretty good feeling, this is one of those weekends I'll bottle up and save for later, when things aren't as great as they are now.

03 May 2007

Sometimes, like flowers on your doorstep , stringing a few consonants and a few vowels together and wrapping them in love can cause a girl to smile from the inside out.
Awhile back when I had to hold my mold my fingers into an "L" to know which hand was left and which hand was right, I fell deeply in love with oversized things. For an entire summer I wore my sisters nightgown, 4 sizes too big, to bed for no reason in particular except that I like the way too big felt. And one evening, as I made may way in for bed I took too big of a step and fell directly on the metal track of a sliding glass door, creating a crevasse in my forehead that required 7 stitches. And now every time I catch a glance of myself in the mirror I see the result of desiring, being and harvesting The Too. As I mentioned before, this is a place where I come to learn and share and hopefully teach a few lessons on life and love and fashion and food and This City. Because no matter what I do, I will forever be the girl who said she never would, and did again. Because the water isn't always the same temperature year round. And depending on how many people or how many things have been thrown in my ocean, I will always be curious if the water is too cold, too empty, or too salty.

I enjoy The Too. And without all The Too, I am left too bare, too lonely and too unlike the girl I have always been.

Over the past few days someone has sprinkled clarity and good along the city streets. Great things are happening around me. Dreams are becoming reality and the cracks that normally stub toes and trip people up are smoothing out considerably.

01 May 2007

Ehem. Excuse me Internet. I find it quite doubtful you compiled all your disoriented 1's and 0's into legs and arms; a head and a very sweet soul and left a bundle of my most favorite flowers on my door step. Did you?

Nah, I didn't think so.

But someone did. And it's too bad they didn't stick around to see how happy they made me. Thanks, person who loves May Day as much as I do, thanks a whole whole bunch.
I have been doing my best to think of new things to show all of you. But the thing is, there are all sorts of things on my mind and all sorts of things I am doing that have nothing to do with this blog. And the reality is, I have spent the past few weeks loving life. Falling deeper and deeper in love with the way this world works. How, on a whim, certain people, certain words, certain events,  can show us just how lucky we are to be here, living this life.

It's May day. And if I had the time I'd place a sprig of lilac on your doorstep, give the door a hefty knock, skip around the corner and watch you smile as you wonder who is thinking of you. SURPRISE! It's me. And chances are if you ever wonder is anyone is thinking about you-  you can count on the fact that I may be wondering what's floating trough your mind.

Welcome May. I have a feeling you'll be full of sweet four letter words and laughs. Lots and Lots of laughs.

ps- please excuse my punchy post from yesterday - I was feeling quite like pumice and allowed another person's piss and vinegar to seep into my (generally) solid and sweet disposition.