15 August 2007

Hey Seattle Summer,
Thanks for finally showing up. I firmly belive in two things 1) Love makes this world go round and b) better late than never (you abide by the latter). We'd love for you to stay awhile. If you'd like, please feel free to join us at Umi (1st Ave in BellTown, HH from 4-8 EVERY DAY!) this evening for some sake and salmon and squeals.

13 August 2007

Why I love and have always loved Marc Jacobs (from the NY Magazine Article)

“I wasn’t searching for inspiration, I was finding it everywhere I turned. It was T. J. Wilcox, Violet and the Incredibles, Tim Burton. Mostly, it was all the fallen angels in my life. I just think everyone’s an angel, and an angel is a perfect thing. Now I’m going into storybook land, but it’s the imperfection or the trip that I like. We’re all human, and we’re not supposed to be perfect, but there are certain girls who make mistakes, and I just love that. I love the strength to move forward. It’s very hard to be someone publicly, and then to be human and honest at the same time, say, ‘Yeah, I did that. Yeah, I’m human.’ It’s a dark angel, not dark like an evil spirit, it’s a melancholy, broken, dark soul. It’s a good thing.”

He'd be one the 5 ppl I'd invite to my ultimate dinner party.

Forever a boy:
[Jacobs, Post Men's Wear Show in Paris]
"On the dance floor, he does a series of pogo-y, mosh-pit moves to eighties songs spun by a pair of fat, hairy drag queens. He looks, bopping around, singing along to old Wham!, like he never wants to grow up."

And, on love:

“For the first time in my life, I can stay home alone and feel okay,” he says. “I used to think that if I was alone physically, that meant I was lonely, but for the first time in my life, this is not the case. But I don’t think I like being single. In sobriety, I definitely haven’t had the romance I’m dreaming of. I’m not looking to hook up with someone for a wild time out anymore. I hate the word mature . . . ” Jacobs’s voice trails off and he blushes a bit.

“There are nights when I can’t sleep. I go into a fantasyland and tableau sort of thinking, like, Tonight would be the perfect night to say, ‘Honey, I’m really tired and worried about work. And tell me about your day.’ ”

“Do you think someone will read this and try to get in touch with me?” He looks hopeful. “If I read that about someone, I’d drop him a note.”

I bet he writes his name on the inside of the front cover of books as well...

10 August 2007

Hey Internet -

  It's me, Amanda. I've been all sorts of nothing but 100% into my job and making sure the Dater and I have a home that's clean and put together. To say the least I've been nothing more than a domestic wet blanket. There have been a few twenty-something evenings that have warded off pleasant futures with fantastic people. Internet, no matter how hard I try, the The Balance begrudges anything I try to do. It's even fair to say that my closet has taken a turn for the worse and it's living breathing mannequin (moi) is the epitome of the word simplicity (read: boring). But, no fear, Internet - things, including brighter colors and better planned outfits are in our future.

I started the Blog below a few weeks ago (GASP) - and cut it short to actually GO to Fremont and experience what I was craving. If there is one thing I have learned by living with the Dater -  It's do instead of talking about doing. And if time allows, talk about it later. so I did...

I'm feeling very Fremont today. There is a strong possibility I pop by Tininha’s Butique de Biquini to try on swimwear for IBIZA (which, by the way,I have decided is all I am wearing while there - Bikini's Hats and a Romper or two.). I'd like to strike up a 400 WPM conversation with the shop boys at Bliss and nosh on a crispy and salty coconut cookie from etg.

(I ended up with a gorgeous two piece teeny, tiny Custo creation (20% off!) and plan to head back for a ultimately sexy one piece with a very Euro snake skin print - made to be worn while dancing on a platform at Cafe Mambo, Ibiza)

We leave for Ibiza in 9 days - N I N E DAYS!

ps- the rumor in Belltown is that Anthropologie is opening a new "speciality" boutique somewhere along first ave between Blanchard and Pike.