24 June 2007

All excuses aside. I’ve been absent and I do not have a note signed from my parents or a doctor. I couldn’t even muster up a fakie.

What I can do is give you a quick run down of what currently, at this very moment surrounds me:

The kitchen counter: a pair of pasties, a sweat band with a robot on it, a Santa photo of the dogs, old b-day cards, a piece of an Ikea desk, mouth guard, dog treats, water bottles, subway, a piece of drift wood, $0.86, a check for a plane ticket to IBIZA!!!

And at home, I’ve got all my “must keep items” piled in plastic bins from Home Depot.

I’m moving in with my dater, which means a whole host of things for you and I Internet. My closet is changing dramatically, things are moving in an exciting direction, and I have not had time to do much of anything except talk about consolidating my closet and ask why we cannot have accent towels.

This, by no means, is an apology or a promise. I am just filling you in on what’s been going on. I’ll be back soon. And I SWEAR, I’ve got a lot to talk about.

See Internet, I told you 27 was going to be interesting.

12 June 2007

In a single sunset, I'll be 27. And, at almost 27 I am still not all sorts of things I thought I would be. And, at this point, it shouldn't be much of a surprise, because I am almost certain I'll always be the girl who said she'd never again, but did anyway.

03 June 2007

Today I threw a birthday party for my dog in Madison Park. Nine completely sane adults showed up to eat fried chicken, potato salad, and pineapple. For three hours 9 completely sane adults gave their undivided attention to a hairless dog in a pink tank top encrusted in crystals. I find, more and more, I require a daily pinching to make sure that, indeed, this really is my life.

Happy Birthday CoCo-Ling.

All dressed up

Friends: Sister Jai-li and BFF Isabella

Last Call

02 June 2007

Argh! Dang Blasted Technology. Please, do me a favor, look to the right. You see how all the things that once were the way they were are now changed? I've clicked some sort of button and now what was perfect is now not. But instead of figuring it out - I'm going to leave it, because this lady had a weeeee too much to drink last night and I can't seem to wrap my head around anything. Last night I was in costume as a  250lb frat boy during rush week.  A 250lb frat boy in a really adorable diesel dress.

DIESEL 'Solais' Dress with Tank, IAN (Fremont), was $130.00 now $91.00. I normally despise Diesel, but this was too good of a deal and a perfect fit!

Ian is having their twice yearly sale. Go Now.  Brands going on sale include: Nice Collective, Trovata, Rag & Bone, McQ, G-Star, Diesel (including ALL jeans!!), Paul Smith Jeans & PS Paul Smith Shoes, Gilded Age, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, Daryl K, Ksubi (women only), and more.

IAN locations.
Downtown Shop
1919 2nd Ave
Seattle Wa 98101

Fremont Shop
501 N 36th St
Seattle Wa

01 June 2007

You all know my love for the Olympic Sculpture Park. This week the park and I renewewd our vows during early morning walks. I'd recommend stopping for a coffee at Uptown Espresso, and making your way to the rose garden. The roses are just beginning to get top heavy, the  scent is pungent (in a lovely way) and its a perfect 1/4 mile turn around. The park is sprinkled with the committed runners and early morning walkers. This week the park has boasted excellent conversations ranging from puppies to Prada.

If you go sometime around 7:30am - Find me and say hello, we can chat about the tide and make daisy chains.