12 December 2009

Heartache, You're the last thing I'd expect to find all bundled up and braving the cold streets of Seattle. Normally you sneak in unexpectedly and demand vodka and denim. You're slightly unruly this time around. I'm hoping you'll wise up and shape up or ship out sooner rather than later. You've taken me by surprise so much, I spent the better part of a car payment at J-Crew on Sweaters I'll never wear, socks that don't keep my tootsies warm, a fantastically misshaped blazer in plum, and enough bejeweled t-shirts for every day in February.

Shame on you heartache.

All J-Crew, All Available at J-Crew, University Village or Pacific Place. If you go, have Kelly help you. She's sweet and fashionable, and she'll even tell you that you are "not that pale" and that you will be "just fine" going to meet your boy-friends parents for the first time. Even though you know she is lying, she is kind. And when you try to tell her that you, at one point, were this girl who really was fashionable. She will smile and nod and carry your clothes to the check out counter.


Blogger Spooticus said...

is it just me or are thigh hi stockings/socks never appropriate outside your own house??

7:49 PM  
Blogger Amanda Mae said...

I think the best place to wear thigh high stockings in out and about. They are sexy and sweet and keep you warm!

9:47 PM  

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