13 October 2009

Let me let you tarts in on a little secret. I loathe shopping malls, department stores, and chain retailers (save Target and Club Monaco). I'd rather spend an entire weekend milling about a pocket of this city tracking down all the things I need (and want) one boutique at a time. But the reality is? I hardly have time to wash my underthings and get a manicure and take out my recycling. Therefore the easy-to-be-fashionable-and-moderately-financially-responsible places come in handy, every-once-in-a-while. And, since George W. Bush and Paul Allen took away most of our notable boutiques (and they still continue to wither away*), I have to pop into these places most of the time these days.

And since my Sweet, Southern Boyfriend is turing somewhere around his mid-thirties this Friday, and we'll be sipping strong, secret cocktails HERE, I need a new outfit, or at least a new something. I've been craving ruffles since early 2009 and since they've now trickled down to all the chain retailers, they are EVERYWHERE. YAY for me (and you, and you).

After a humiliating meeting with a MAC genius I popped by J-crew to see what all the bling glittering their windows was all about. And lo-and-behold, I fell right into a bag of soft and voluminous ruffles. Yumm.

J-Crew, Poplin Brynn Dress, J-Crew University Village

J-Crew, Kelsey Ruffle Top, J-Crew University Village

J-Crew, Merino Ethereal Ruffle, J-Crew University Village

J-Crew, Ribbon T, J-Crew University Village

By no means are any of these pieces unique, but it's the girl who makes the clothes not the clothes who makes the girl, right? Also, The University Village Store is packed, and I mean packed full of cute T-s to wear under just about anything. Also, more head bands than a speakeasy in 1922.

PS-I would like to note, I am not hater of big business, I do however, prefer to support the smaller businesses. After all, I buy my unders from Old Navy and have about 34 pairs of Nine West Shoes circa 2001. Preferences people, not requirements.

* My hope is for more brave and fashionable folks like Verdis to pop up here and there as our economy steps back into action.


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Thanks for writing again, A. I know you're super busy but I love to read this! xoxo

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