28 July 2009

This is where I would normally bat my eyelashes and expat an "Ehem" and poet some witty prose to ask you back into my good graces.

Its been 2 months and a few days.

We've officially broken up, you I dear readers. And, me more than anyone, has been hurt the worse.

And lets say that 2 months after the break up you and I, we run into each other at our favorite breakfast place, the one we swore we'd both stay away from, and we sit and talk for hours. We hold hands for the first time and we realize that the three years we've been romancing each other, you and I dear readers, shouldn't end because one of us got (a teeny tiny) bit busy. And after a few bloody mary's and a three thousand word explanation of where the fuck we've been we are back to normal.

So readers, this is my hand-holding-three-thousand-word-explanation-first-time-since-we-last-blogged, blog.

First and foremost, I am sorry. But this time, this time for real, I have a fantastic excuse. I've fallen in love. And I've been face to face with this amazing person making sure I do all the right things this time around. Because this time around, it's really really really real. Like, how your parents fell in love real. And, its plan is to last forever. So, me. I've been eating, drinking, sleeping, shopping, and cooking love.

And, from now on, I promise to maintain this space like I have been over the past few years. I'm still deciding if I'll play catch up and let you know about all the new places I've been eating, drinking, and shopping. Or, if we'll just start anew. But whichever way you and I decide to move forward, I can promise that I'll be that same unpredictable, emotionally driven, fast talking, good loving girl I’ve always been a bit ashamed to be.

And that? That is a promise.


Blogger Mandy Kay said...

YAY! thank GOD you're back! and congrats, so SO excited that you are in the Love!

9:46 AM  
Blogger Kathryn said...

I love LOVE! It's been a good place for you to be:)

1:51 PM  
Blogger Kari said...

Love this post. Glad we haven't been broken up for two months and a few days:)

8:54 AM  

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