22 April 2009

I've got a pretty big problem with thoughts these days. I seem to have one too many a minute, and my brain can't quite take it. And, it's just that one teeny tiny thought that's relatively insignificant, that puts me over the edge.

Like today? It was high wasted trousers. I wiggled myself into a pair yesterday (note to everyone whose been through a break up. Do not shop for clothes. Shop for shoes. Your width and length doesn't change during heart break. Your waist size does.)

Mine are an age old classic from Marc early spring of last last year. Too bourjoi for this economy. But! Look whose making an affordable and wearable version?

Isaac for Liz

(you can find these locally at Macy's. I know, for me, it's a tough pill to swallow, but you go where the man designs.)

If you haven't checked out his newest penny pinching collection - please do. It's classic, charming, and totally affordable. Also well researched (as Sr. Isaac always is). He traveled around the US to 4 Major Cities (NYC, Miami, Dallas, and SF) to test his line on the who's who of the socialite scene of each city. And, as soon as I remember where I read all about it - I'll fill you in.


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