31 March 2009

Because sometimes running, vodka and denim just cant make it happen - I signed up for THIS*

But really, what more can a girl want from life than to be happy, whatever that may mean for you.

Me? I'm still trying to figure it all out. But I do know that I'm on the path to being someone and in the mean time enjoying being something.

Stay tuned lovely readers, I've got some serious spring fashion up my sleeve. And, this Saturday my mom (the Martha Stewart of the Pacific Northwest) will be spring cleaning my diggs. That means, perfectly organized everything.

In the mean time, enjoy the sun and cherry blossoms. Maybe pet a puppy and do some hand holding. And, if you've got someone to kiss, do that too. It's SPRING!

*thanks to Molly Hoyne @ Stratejoy.com for the heads up!


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