10 March 2009

I'm going green in t-minus 22 days.

This means a variety of things. One of my main objectives will to buy clothing that was created using socially and environmentally responsible methods of production; is made with organic materials, or has once been purchased and worn by someone else already.

I am was considering the 100 mile Diet. But in research, I've learned it is a serious serious commitment. And, since I've made a promise not to be serious about much of anything these days - the 100 mile diet will have to wait.

But, what I am going to do is amp up my "buying local". All produce will be purchased at farmers markets, all meat and seafood with come from my butcher and favorite monger, and I promise to buy my staples from as many local manufacturers as possible. I already enjoy patronizing local business. But in times like these where even the most dedicated of local shoppers are heading to Safeway and Target for better deals and convenience - we need to be more dedicated to Seattle. I admittedly have a problem with commitment unless it has to do with love. So, let's do each other a favor and hold one another accountable, okay?

The only thing I reserve the right to entertain liberally that is not local? Vodka.


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