03 March 2009


I literally just walked in the door. And, this morning, I walked out before 8am.

And for dinner, I'm having a bowl of almost too ripe strawberries and pop corn sprinkled with Bacon Salt. If Pagliacci delivered to my zip code, I'd totally be ordering from them (take SERIOUS note Pagliacci's).

There were about 65 thousand thoughts that flashed through my head today, but the one that I did the most with was this: Cheap Colorful Clothing for Spring

(I have to say, I'm having a bit of a hard time with all this inexpensive generic clothing support. NOT THAT I DON'T ALWAYS SUPPORT IT, but now another one of most coveted places to shop is closing down. Sadly, Cybele at Last Waltz is closing her doors. But not before holding a HUGE sale of EVERYTHING she has in her store ("selling furniture and fixtures as well as stock, the whole shebang!"). Sale Starts March 7th).

Old Navy Cropped Pea Coat, $22.00, ALL sizes available on-line @ www.oldnavy.com)

Old Navy Woman's Cotton Twill Vest, $29.50 @ www.oldnavy.com

Old Navy Hipster Unds, $7.50ea or buy 3 or more $5.00ea, www.oldnavy.com. These come in 25 colors from Valencia Orange to Cyclamen!


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