29 January 2009

Dear Pagliacci Pizza of SEATTLE,

Last night, I called to get a pie delivered to my new address (ehem...by the way, that address on Western can be permanently deleted form your records). I live in the CD, on the cusp of Madrona and Leschi and Mount Baker. Three of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the Greater Seattle Area. It is home to Howard Schultz and other really fucking rich people who like their Pizza gourmet, delivered and delicious. At least I can imagine.

I learned, that you, do not deliver to the 98112, the 98122, or the 98144 neighborhoods. Why? Because your location is too far away from these zip codes. Huh?

Well, I'll just let you know that the 72,000 + people who live here will order from a pizza store that doesn't discriminate because of distance. And, I am sure, all the rich parents and their rich kids and all the other people with a gazillion dollars billowing out of their pockets will eat someone eles' pie. Fuck, even poor people want good pie.

Simply Business Strategy Pagliacci: Open a new pizza store.

In only mild haste,

Ps - I always thought your answering services was bit creepy anyway.


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