27 January 2009

I've lived in this city for nearly 29 years and have never remembered it to be so snowy. I just got warm from the 7 degree temperatures in NYC and the freezing temperatures in DC.

I am waking up before 6am and hitting the sack before 9. I haven't done much more than; eat, sleep, watch TV and run in the last 3 days. I have a suitcase full of Marc Jacobs accessories and Tibi sample sale purchases; a few shoes and enough scarves to last until they go out of style.

I'm not quite ready to admit it, but I'm approaching pathetic. I'll be gleefully dragging myself out of the house both Friday and Saturday night - in hopes to find a bit of the girl I left behind somewhere in mid-December.

I plan to pound the pavement on Capitol Hill to rejuvenate my vintage closet (New York, you were so inspiring) and take part in recycling the fashionista way. If you'd like to join, meet me here on Sunday for brunch. I'm not only in need of some new/old wares, but a new shopping partner too.


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