28 February 2009

I'm about as decisive as a gnat these days. As soon as I decide up I'm already on my way down. I can imagine it's wearing thin on my friends.

I can't quite commit to much of anything but time on my couch. And even that has become harder and harder to do.

I wish I had something fabulous to tell you about our city this weekend, but the reality is, not much has been all that impressive these day. For Gods sake, I've fallen in love with GAP T-SHIRTS.

I plan to pull out all of my Spring Staples this week and do some wandering around Greenwood in hunt of the perfect Margarita and Mole.

Tonight? I'm catching a cab in 3 minutes for Dicks and then off to the Chapel to hurry the evening along. If you have any inspiring ideas for March, let me know. I hoping that garden of rock and roll boys with whiskey on their breath sprouts soon. Life's been a bit underwhelming lately.

Oh, and Seattle, Please try to be as bold and as honest as possible. There is simply not enough time to beat around the bush. And last time I checked, we're all big kids here, we can handle the truth.


Anonymous Sora said...

i just bought tickets to the brian jonestown massacre at neumos on saturday, march 21st.


you can be my neo-psychedelic party-gal pal. just say the word missy!


8:18 PM  

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