21 February 2009

Excuse me life?

When did you become so fantastic?

I must have been sleeping when you decided to snap out of it and become great again (I'm thinking it was something after 11pm on Thursday)

I'll be headed here for brunch with a newish friend to talk fundraising and running.
Then, I'll be moseying around U-Village cashing in on a 20% discount at Zovo Lingerie and flirting with spring dresses at Anthropologie.

At some point, I'll be the girl floating between in Volunteer Park and Bell Town trying to bottle the sunshine in a mason jar. When we pass each other, let's sit knee to knee and tell stories that make our hearts skip a beat.

And, tonight? I've been asked to arrange an evening tour of Seattle. Which for me, is like winning an award. I've been racking my brain of the best way to show off our city after the sun goes down, in the best way possible. I'll let you know what I come up with.


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