12 February 2009

I'm not normally one to click on the side advertisements while perusing FaceBook. But, the other day I did, and thank the Lord so.

The Gilt Groupe provides access to coveted designer (and cool designer) fashions for men, woman and children - mostly up to 70% off.

You should become a member HERE. I did, with a bit of hesitation,as most of these site's send you mail daily that has either a) unwanted, out of season items or b) pieces at prices I wouldn't pay even after a few martinis.

I genuinely recommend the Gilt Groupe. I love their philosophy, their selection, and their prices (they are truly at at discount)

Today, because today I really needed something more than what I had, I got these two three items.

Ali Ro, Halter Dress, ($130.00, signally $330.00)

Ali Ro, Silk Cascade Ruffle Top ($70.00, originally $198.00)

Hunter Wellies, ($58.00, originally $145.00)

The Site tells you whether or not the cuts run true to size or not. They have smart smart buyers who try, wear, and then tell you all about the item. If I have to shop on line (and lately it's all that I've been able to do - with all my favorite boutiques closing), I'll do it with Gilt.com


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