04 February 2009

I am still sick. Runny nose, achy body, stiff joints, and a rasp in my voice that would put Phyllis Diller to shame.

The one thing I have had time to do is watch TV. So, you can guess how interesting my thoughts must be. I have a weekend planned at Salon Dewi (lash tint and infrared Sauna - recession proof pampering); Canlis (the long awaited nuptials of my mother's best friend and her philanthropic partner); a stack of children's books on democracy, feminism and Barack Obama for my 10 month old niece; Steak tar tar and a long awaited catch up at Lark (apologies in advance for the loud chatter and howls - we can't help it); and a couple of hours at Ikea for window coverings. I am fairly certain my new neighbors are over seeing me half naked arse.

I'm missing a little bit of me. Maybe it's this cold or the fact that I've been pretending not to be jarred by the break up; but somethings got a hold of the girl I used to be. I'm hoping to figure it all out by mid February, because I refuse to start March feeling less than me.

ps- some of you have asked about my NYC purchases. I promise to have photos and links up soon. At least before most of what I go it out of season.


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