30 January 2009

I am so sick. I'm sweaty and cold. My skin is tingly and not in a good way. I'm starving but nothing sounds good to eat.

I've watched more TV in the last 48 hours than I have in my entire life. My brain is mush. Ive had enough time to make a list of 25 random things about me.

I'm hoping to be better soon. Really really soon.

1) I actually like Barry Manilow and not just in a "Hey Barry Manilow would be funny to like". But his music makes me happy. So does Rod Stewart.

2) I have a hairless dog. Her name is CoCo. She's the longest relationship I've been in to date. I think it's because she can't leave - I'm the one who feeds her.

3) I chew the inside of my lip. I have no idea why, but I used to chew my tongue, so I'm thinking it's progress.

4) I love pork and I it's only been recently that I've been unashamed about it. Pork chops, pulled pork, pork ribs, pork loin. I also love burgers. My favorite is on the island of Maui at Cheese Burger in Paradise. Locally? Cheap Eats: Dicks. Splurge:Coupage. Delicious and Easy: Red Mill.

5) I have a subscription to the Atlantic Monthly. I have saved every American Vogue since January 2000. I buy a W every month. I steal People Magazine from Dr offices, nail and tanning salons. I am not ashamed of any of this.

6) I still want to be a sonics dance girl. Even though I can't dance.

7) I once had drinks with Bill Maher and tried to talk about the War in Iraq with him, He looked at me and said "shhhhhhhhh", then took a long sip of his vodka.

8) I love the movie High Fidelity. I have a lost list of "top 5 _______" somewhere in storage, I spent a 6th month period filling in my top of of almost everything.

9) I have over 75 pairs or wearable denim. I have it stored by cut, color and season. I realize how ridiculous this is. But, I am completely proud of it.

10) I scored a 100 on my drivers test. Driving with me now, you'd never know. Except for parallel parking. I can do it with one hand tied behind my back and blind folded. I inherited it form my mother - surprisingly.

11) My dad used to play professional basketball. When I was 8 I wanted to be the first woman in the NBA (before even the thought of the WNBA). My dreams were quickly squashed when I realized I am severely uncoordinated.

12) I wear mens socks.

13) I hate Rachael Ray. Her lingo, her voice, her cooking, her outfits, her laugh, her TV show -It's all a big long drawn out 'nails on the chalk board'.

14) I never use the microwave. I even pop my popcorn on the stove with vegetable oil and real corn kernels.

15) Sports generally bore me. But I stand up and scream for a good political show (Countdown with Ketih and Rachel Maddow, I'm talkin' about you)

16) I genuinely like the taste of tequila.

17) I've never lost anyone close to me. And I am very scared for the day that happens. I am not sure how I'll handle it.

18) I hand make my gnocchi and hummus and can make each for under $1.00.

19) Large groups - specifically woman - coming together for a specific reason makes me more uncomfortable than words can describe. (save: weddings and breast cancer awareness) Sample Sales, work outs, Bachelorette Party's, Sex Toy Parties, Movie and TV show watching. Anything over 10 woman all together for one reason...I can't handle it.

20) I think " the biggest looser" is one of the most inspiring shows on television. I watch it religiously and genuinely cheer for each and every person, who is brave enough to come on national TV, stand on a scale and make a commitment to a better, healthier life.

21) I pick up bad habits from boyfriends. The snooze on the alarm clock, eating burritos and watching TV are some of the habits I never had or kicked early on. Only to be reintroduced by boys who eventually dumped me. Thanks.

22) When taking off on a plane I move my heals up and down quickly (in a running movement) in case the plane needs a bit extra help getting off the ground. I am convinced that it works every time, as I have never been in a plane crash during take off.

23) I firmly believe in the power of love. It truly is what makes our world go round.

24) I am easily inspired and reserve the right to be until the day I die.

25) I was recently in the New Yorker (online:
http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/tny/2009/01/carpool.html). For me, it's like getting a personal shout out in the bible from Jesus.

26) (one to grow on).
At my perfect dinner party:
Marc Jacobs
Anthony Bourdain
Madonna (post Material Girl, pre Kabbalah)
Diane von furstenberg
My Mom


Blogger Mandy Kay said...

AMANDA! i didn't want this list to end! KEEP writing! it's so fun. (and i'm not joking, i can completely relate to you on almost all of these! particularly the making hummus for under a buck, and being severely uncoordinated (i still can't swim because of it)!! oh, and number 24 -- i'm the same way and i love it!) you are so cute!

4:08 PM  
Blogger Amanda Mae said...

Mandy! I wish everyone thought I was this interesting :)

Maybe you should write yours!


9:16 AM  

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