06 February 2009

I've spent the better part of the last 4 years searching for a hair stylist. I had one in the early part of my twenties who cut and colored me every 4-6 weeks. I loved him, the salon, the people. And then, life got busy and driving to Northgate for a cut seemed near impossible. Since, I have gone everywhere, literally. Back roads and main streets; barber shops and beauty parlors. I thought, for a moment I found the perfect stylist, and I did - but with short hair I have to go in every 4-6 weeks for a cut. And, since my stylist was severely talented, I eventually couldn't afford to go. If you need one of the best haircuts Seattle has to offer, go see Glen, Steven or Jessica at the Gilt Edge Society (on 4th and Bell, in bell town).

But, if you're anything like me, and need your locks lobbed more often than not (or if you prefer a kind greeting and a latte when you arrive), please visit Reghan at 7 Salon (in Pacific Place). I never though I'd be a girl who goes to a massive salon for anything, let alone a hair cut. But, she is good, and I mean really really good. Remember how I was searching for the girl I lost somewhere in mid December? We'll with the help of Reghan, I found her!

Reghan is smart, talented, and a perfectionist. She was wearing a fantastic Norma Kamali frock and had pumpkin stained lips. She's affordable ($50.00/cut), flattering ("you are a hair-stylist's dream"), and intuitive ("did you just go through a break-up?") After the cut was over, we were both so giddy and excited about it, we fumbled over our words and good-byes, like a perfect first date.

I'm going back to update my color the Tuesday after next. If you need a free cut, email me, I have a stack of cards from Reghan that'll allow you to experience her and her cuts for free, the first time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a happy moment when you find the right stylist. I have been thinking about committing the ultimate sin, and moving on from mine...we will see;)
You write beautifully, you have had me captivated since...oh about 2:45! ;-)

3:38 PM  
Blogger Amanda Mae said...

Leann - you are so sweet! You should make the move to a new stylist - it's no longer the ultimate sin :)

Hope to see you soon!


7:01 PM  

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