16 March 2009

On Wednesday I have a former Barney's of New York clothes master coming over to rearrange my closet. Which means, I will be knee deep in laundry until then. And after that, I'll be basking in the glory of of greatness.

The next couple weeks will be hectic. March, you've suddenly turned yourself into a very busy month.

On Thursday I'll be eating and drinking and having eargasms HERE

Seattle Sound Bite benefits the Vera Project ProStart and WRA. I don't know much about the last two charities, but I do know the Vera Project, and sincerely believe that what they do changes the lives of young people. So, if you need to eat and drink and hear something good on Thursday. Please join me (and Becky and Lindsay and Kiki and Eric)

The following week, I'll be romancing Bell Town. I've realized recently how much I miss living so close to everything. There are a few restaurants I'll be revisiting and a couple of new place I'll be checking out (Taberna del Alabardero & List). I love nothing more than leaving my car behind and walking to and from dinner, drinks and shopping.

Kuhlamn's has a new art installation and the Sculpture Park and I will need to get reacquainted. All this basking is temporary (I'm only house sitting AND I have a new roommate is headed in my direction in the CD The "New Bell Town").

I still have something to say about Organic Denim and the best place to snag previously worn bobbles. Stay tuned (and dry).


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