22 March 2009

Weekend, once again, you came and went way too fast. I need just a few more hours in all day's, Saturday and Sunday included.

On a whim, I snagged myself a American Apparel Circle Scarf (honestly, the scarf came about because I was craving a Dick's Cheeseburger for the 9th time this week, and needed to take a sharp turn somewhere away from that walk up window). And, no matter how I twist or turn or circle this thing around my head, it does not look like the image below.

I think, my head may be too small to rock the circle scarf.

American Apparel Circle Scarf, $30.00

Luckily for me, there is a team of creative tarts somewhere at American Apparel, twisting and wrapping and informing the us small-headed-people other ways to wear this massive piece of fabric.


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