26 March 2009

The other day I took a shower with my denim. I'm a meticulous launder-er. I read labels, study the stitching and rarely dry anything.

My new Loomstate Organic Denim said to wash in the shower, on your body, with shampoo.

So, I did. And as a result, I have a snug fitting pair of ethical denim folded neatly in my closet.

The boys at Loomstate have a fantastic story and have built and founded their company with "respect for our environment’s ability to balance, shape and color itself." I'd recommend checking out what they Weave and Sew.

Looking to get it on in the shower with your own pair of Loomstate? Please visit Lisa at Juniper in Madrona. She has a few styles for girls only. It's a few day's away from April, where I be shopping local and previously used only. Juniper in Madrona will be a frequent stop on my Local Shopping Tour.


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