27 April 2009

I just foraged through my summer wardrobe (which is now sprawled out across my garage floor, gross, I know) early Saturday morning hunting for a pair of wedges. And since then, all I really want to do is be at home playing this song on repeat, chatting with CoCo, dreaming of San Francisco, reading this book, drinking Rosé and planning outfits for events that have yet to be created.

I haven't quite decided what my late spring/summer uniform will be. I'm teetering between super feminine dresses with loads or flowers, Chuck Taylor's and vintage baubles or throwing in the towel and completely and becoming a slave to whatever trend my present itself.

What I do know is, come May 1, I'll be sending a host of orders to these witty, brilliant, and (I am sure) likable ladies.

Here are my favorite few:

Mercer Shoe by Marais USA, available on line, $49.00

Perry Shoe by Marais USA, available on line, $49.00

Waverly Shoe by Marais USA, available on line, $59.00


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