29 April 2009

I’ve got a craving for nostalgia. I want spoonfuls of it most all of the time. I do my best to put together the most perfect bite. A touch of something from a month ago, layered with a feeling from my childhood, and topped with a perfect and thin slice of my early twenties.

I’ve been pacifying my obsession with a fierce effort to make new moments and framing photos. Also, I’ve been reading, eating, and dreaming about food. I went ahead an snagged Vogues from two different countries and this months In Style just to be sure I didn't lose my stride.

There were about 17 places I should I been tonight. But instead, I reared hearts and held hands and sang songs. And now, I'm home, elbow deep in pancake batter scanning the food blogs for shortbread recipes and planning my Sunday Brunch menu.

All this food thought and talk can be rightfully and happily blamed on this book, spending time with this girl, and my mother.


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