03 August 2009

Seattle, I've decided you are much like greedy mosquito during the summer time. You pack yourself full with as MANY events as possible, which leaves you moving slower than in the fall and winter months. You invite all sorts of people to come over the bridges, on the trains and even some on giant giant ships. And, finally when mid September hits, you explode, leaving somewhat icky remnants of what you've be sucking up all summer. And even though the splatter is really quite gross. The obnoxious humming stopped and you are back to normal. With all the people who know you without all that greedy pursuit.

I gotta say Seattle, I like you the best when it's just you and I (and the rest of YOU, you know who you are). I'm sort of hoping mother nature will fast forward to fall, because really, it;s my favorite time to live and love.

Like I said before I've been eating and drinking and shopping love. And, I've spent very little of that time alone (which is fine by me). And the best part about eating and drinking and shopping love, is that I have the chance to show my love how much I love this city and why.

And, in a bit, say tomorrow? I'll have a pretty list of places I love to love even with all these people in our city.


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