31 January 2007

I live for the experience. I want nothing more than to smell the sweet or stale breath of a shop owner or street vender. I love the way clothes fit when they are fresh off the folding table. I want to hear the music and the gossip in the dressing rooms. I want to know why the store is named what it's named and find out first hand "who" they will be hosting for F/W 07.

But sometimes, I find really worth while shit on the internet. And, After all, this is a week of weeks of doing what I said I wouldn't do. Please go here: Etsy.com is an amazing forum for designers and thinkers and artist who love their stuff and want you to love it to. It's the best place to find super unique things at incredibly reasonable prices and help support people who really truly believe in making this world a prettier, fashionable, and all together cooler world to live in.

My Favorite SEATTLE Etsy Folks:


I love her hand crafted dog tags.

Small Dog Tags for Small Dogs from Nicola on Etsy.com; $27.00.

Busy b Boutique

Everything in this online store can be aptly classified as adorable. I have an apron and matching headband on order.

Hand Made Gift Tags from Busy b Boutique on Etsy.com; $2.00 for a set of 6!

30 January 2007

They were talking and talking and talking. She wanted so badly to go back to the way *it* used to be. Before they knew what they know now.

"regression?" she winced. "There really is nothing worse than taking a step back in life. Refection is great, regression is horrifying."

"Not regression really. I've grown, and my skin would be too loose if I tried to ungrow, Besides, you can never really unknow what you know."

She was right.

"That's why there are certain things I'm trying to avoid knowing."

and they sat for the remainder of their time together remembering how far they had come, how much their skin has stretched, and how lucky they are to have one known one another since before they know what they know now.

29 January 2007

I DON'T talk about work, but...
Uh, I saw this today and I (just) realized that I am apart of the gaming industry. ew...ehem, I mean, YAY!
All of a sudden, I feel spring creeping in. It (literally) just hit me. The air seems lighter and the prospect of linen, navy and white stripes, and herachis are in my future.

This spring I am abiding by: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

I love, more than anything, spring shopping. On my list of must haves:

Something Old:
Laser cut Vintage looking wrap blouse:

Afshin Feiz top; Polite Society (1924 First Ave. Seattle, WA 98101, 206-441-4796)

Something New:
YELLOW. Sunshine, citrus, lemon, they are all appearing on runways and in stores for spring and summer. I couldn't be happier.

I'd like a dress.

J Crew, Ella Cotton Caddy Dress, $250.00, J Crew (600 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101, (206) 652-9788)

Something Borrowed:
Winter White - Carry it into spring (I tend to wear my winter white as accent until the real summer months hit.)

Isaac Mizrahi for Target; Winter White Cropped Jacket; $39.99; Target

Something Blue:
Sailor Stripes

Banana Republic Sailor Striped Top; $44.00; Banana Republic

25 January 2007

It's said that when under a certain amount of emotional distress, people revert back to a time and place where they felt most comfortable, where they felt the happiest, when they looked their best.  It's also said that we have a hard time letting go of particular habits and looks of the time when we were "in our prime".

There was a time in my life where I exclusively wore back trousers. All the time, with everything and anything. It was, to date, my most favorite look. During my black pant phase I was in love, a happily busy, and full of ambition and drive.  Then and now are pretty much the same except the black trousers have become denim.

With the incipience of a few stresses and a sudden on set of feeling quite old I need to slip on some nostalgia. Hence I have been on the hunt for a pair of black trousers to wear all the time, with any and everything.

Theory Max C Tailored Pants; $230.00; Canopy Blue (3121 E Madison St # 103, Seattle, WA 98112 (206) 323-1115; Just past the Arboretum on the right hand side)

Theory Emory Tailored Pants; $230.00; (Canopy Blue (3121 E Madison St # 103, Seattle, WA 98112 (206) 323-1115)

(side note: Canopy Blue has the most fantastic dressing rooms. Big and covered with a (ta-da) a blue Canopy with your very own side table, mirror and crystal chandelier)

Club Monaco Low rise Wool Pans; $129.00; Club Monaco (Pacific Pacific Place; 600 Pine St. #220, Seattle, Washington 98101, 206.264.8001)

23 January 2007

Reason #437 to think big (and to let it all go)

So the Story Goes:

"The Doge (Mocenigo) needed a church so as to be able to have a monumental tomb built for himself, the church (San Staë) needed a saint so as to be able to be built, the saint (San Eustachio) needed a miracle so as to be pronounced a saint, the miracle needed a stag in order to be seen, and we built the garden for the reindeer.
The visitors lie on the bed above the doge’s gravestone, and the garden thinks for them."

Falling Garden
San Staë church on the Canale Grande
50th Biennial of Venice, 2003

22 January 2007

I spent the better part of this weekend moseying around the people who make me me.

I have a whole host of things to share (denim, food, and cute undies all included).

Stay tuned until after regular business hours.

(last night I was awoken by a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see what was needs at such an inappropriate hour. I turned to see my puppy, head sunk deep into the pillow, spooning my arm.)

19 January 2007

Contemporary Comfort food part 1 - Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Trader Joes Tomato Bisque- add to the perfectly inexpensive, no icky additives bisque - Dean and Deluca dried tarragon (two pinches), Dean and Deluca half cracked peppercorns (smallish pinch), and Dean and Deluca Hungarian paprika (just a smidge)

Essential Bakery 14 grain bread (with crunchy sesame-seeds)
Perrgo European butter (trader Joes has this for a SUPER reasonable Price)
Tillamook White, Super Sharp Cheddar.

Brown Bread and cheese and butter until cheese is melted and the seeds in bread are visibly toasted. Remove from pan, cut diagonally.

Pour single serving of soup into pot and bring to a simmer. Add Tarragon, Pepper, and Paprika. Let stand on low heat for 5 minutes for herbs and seasoning to take effect.

The half cracked pepper becomes perfectly soft and every-once-in-a-while you get this lovely burst of spicy pepper in your mouth. When the sandwich is dipped in the soup they cling to the crispy bread and make a super savory combination.

I'd recommend you have a blue moon Beer with an Orange slice. Trust me.

Trader Joes - my favorite is on Capitol Hill (1700 Madison St., Seattle, WA 98122). Go though Greggs line, he won't make fun of you when you have to write a check b/c you left your debit card at the bar - again. He is also VERY good at securing Orchids in bags.

Essetnail Bakery -Wallingford (1604 North 34th Street, Seattle, WA 98103) or Madison Valley (2719 East Madison Street, Seattle, WA 98112). If you visit the Madison valley location you may have a chance of running into Eddie Vedder.

Dean and Deluca (if only they indulged Seattle): You can get pretty much their entire spice collection at the Metropolitan Market on Upper Queen Anne (1908 Queen Anne Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98109)

Blue Moon Beer: I’ve seen this at very few place, but my local grocery has is on sale for $6.99. Bert’s Red Apple Market (801 41st Avenue East • Seattle, WA 98112 (206) 322-1330)

18 January 2007

I mentioned awhile back that I wasn't quite sure what I wanted this little space to contain. I have written a bit on Politics, Love, StoryTelling, Fashion, and (some) Food. I have left out family, work   (long ago, This Lady, taught me to keep shut about work), and my love life.  But to be honest, the few things I promised not to go into detail about  are the nuances tugging on my pant leg and the celebrations I'd like to shout from Marshall Park.  

I'd really like to tell you all about it. If you're interested, you'll have to stop me on the street. I promise we can take the time to sit knee to knee at an obscure bar as we peel back the labels of our hefeweizen. You tell me your secrets and I'll tell you mine. Fair?

instead, it's an evening of philanthropic planning and red wine. Some self reflection and shoe organization. I find these times -  where it's just me -  living with me, thinking of me,dealing with me - this girl who I was very very worried about being - are some of my most favorites. A few months ago we lured her out of old Letters and Doodles. And since then, its pretty safe to say that she and I have been bygones

17 January 2007

This morning, I woke up with pine needles taunting my throat and enough goop in my sinuses to spike the entirety of N-Sync's hair circa 1999.

I am not 100% sick, but I do believe Vitamin C is in order.

16 January 2007

we, us, me, our city - is not meant for snow. Why? Even with a light dusting I am required to work from home (trust you me, no complaints here) and drudge out my severely outdated cold weather gear. Oh, also, in my attempts to make it to work this morning, I had to brush the snow off the windows of my car with a dilapidated Ugg boot. We Seattleites are not meant for snow. We really do wear summer best.

This womans voice * is becoming my new favorite. It makes me want to drink merlot and smoke ciggy's after all the party guest are gone and my stilettos have found new home somewhere in the corner of the twinkle lit tent.

* the link is not working as planned. Simply click Morning Edition on the left nav bar.
Last October I flew to Kentucky to see my Cousin Jamie marry they funniest, most frugal, sensitive, go getter I know (hi Joseph!).Through out the week we ate very little, slept very little and drank a lot of coffee.  When it was finally time to let loose and forget about catering, fake eyelashes and groomsmen  - I may have overindulged in some bourbon, vodka and cheap champagne. I took to the dance floor and the bar like a gay man to a Prada sample sale.  Somewhere between my foul attempt to drop it like it was hot and wandering aimlessly on the front lawn of the reception area (later to be found by the grooms father and driven home by the brides father) I injured my knee.   Which has left me limping since that lovely day in October. And it hurts like you would't believe when the temperatures dip below 52 degrees.  So today instead of limping to the gym, I took to the Lucy Sale to find new Gym Clothes.

They are having a 50% off sale price sale. I got a total of 7 pieces for 85.00. Pants, shorts, two jackets, two running shirts and a fancy new gym bag.

Here is what I got:

In Green; $15.00 @ Lucy, University Village

In Slate; $11.00; Lucy, University Village

Lucy Running Shorts; $8.00 @ Lucy University Village

The past few days I have been much like a teenager - chatting on the phone about pointless things, scoffing responsibility and dreaming effortlessly - all and all it's been quite magical.

15 January 2007

I have to be honest. I did none of the aforementioned Fremont Marketing. Instead I did an intense amount of blog reading from the comfort of the floor. There are some really fun and exciting things out there and I am beyond excited to track it down in our city and tell you all about it.

In the 5th grade I wrote my own version of Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a dream Speech". It included equality, love, and happiness for all mankind. I also added that one day all kids should be able wear stirrup pants and scrunch socks and zebra club without being teased on the playground. Apparently I have always been extremely well rounded.

To be perfectly honest, we currently live in a world where nothing seems impossible. Where, eventually, through focus and perseverance, anything can be created, any problem can be solved, and all things are possible. We owe a great deal of that mindset to This Man. And the driving force behind it all? Simple. Love.

"hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. hatred darkens life; love illuminates it."


14 January 2007

If you wouldn't mind pinching me to make sure that this indeed is reality, that'd be great.
I am comfy cozy in my daters bed, my puppy is cuddled between my toes, my little world is lightly coated with snow. I have plans to filter through the Fremont Market and nab  a few quirky knick knacks for my (better late than never) "newly" hung shelves.

We'll chat later, I have some exciting news about Madam CoCo and Seattle and (as promised) the Kissing Swallow with Emerald Eyes.

"...I've got to make room for this feeling, it's bigger than me..."

12 January 2007

Yesterday as I was enjoying the "stay at home" weather and my puppy was watching a show on a pregnant Giraffe. I'd peek though my bookshelf every-once-in-awhile to see how she was doing. Every time I looked her little eyes were glued to the TV, her head cocked to the side, and ears erect in hopes not to miss a moment of this (obviously) fascinating subject.

Later, the show moved onto a serene scene of seals diving in the frigid waters - frolicking, playing, and laughing (yes, seals laugh). The Puppy was laying socratically, tail wagging eyes glued to the TV. Then, the music changed. She stood up on all fours, moved closer to the TV and waited. Out of nowhere a giant water mammal of sorts leaped from the ocean, and nabbed one of the frolicking seals. Quickly she turned her head in my direction as to say "Um hello? Can you please PLEASE do something about that giant water mammal eating my friends on the TV?"

The giant water mammal, clearly still hungry, leaped again, and nabbed yet another seal. The Puppy flung her body to the ground and covered her head with her paws and laid there until the music turned bright and cheery again, clearly devastated at what she had seen.

She spent the rest of the afternoon, peeking around the corner of the couch wondering if indeed, giant water mammals, do live in our apartment.

11 January 2007

Burrr. I hope you all are home with your OOF message on, watching the Discovery Channel or Inside the Actors Studio with your puppy and a latte - because that is what I am doing, and it feels so so good.

I promised some info on Movie Theaters, Justin Timberlake and (a very intriguing) Kissing Swallow with Emerald Eyes. Let’s start with JT.

I took a weee break today to head to Nordy's and scoop up a top which I will wear while dancing to my daters music and Celebrating a Friends B-day tomorrow evening. I'd love to swap some sweat and dance moves with you, please come!

(flyer designed by his talented girlfriend Erica. Please note, I will not be in lingerie, but please, by all means, sport a teddy if you please)

I digress. In my efforts to wear more form fitting clothing I am overhauling my denim and looking for a skinner leg, tighter rear, and more flattering waste line. I also have a life time crush on Justin Timberlake. So I shimmied myself into some William Rast Denim. I tried these two pairs.

William Rast Straight Leg Sadie $220.00, Nordstrom Down Town Seattle.

William Rast 14in Skinny Rachel $203.00; Nordstrom, Down Town Seattle

Neither of which I liked. William Rast is designed for someone with hips and an ass, neither of which I have. So, sad to say, I will not be running around with JT's stamp of approval pressed against my lower back. If you have hips and an ass, I recommend heading to the Down Town Savvy and asking Boleyn to help you find a pair. But hurry, even the newest shipment was down to just a few sizes.

You can also find these at Bliss in Fremont and for your Dater you can grab a pair at Blackbird in Ballard (5410 22nd Ave NW, Seattle 98107; 206.547.2524).

One more thing, if ever you doubted magic exists, I recommend you take the hand of someone you love, lead them to the Arboretum, walk very slowly, and allow the excess snow from the weighted branches to swirl around your head. It will make you believe - I promise.

10 January 2007

There are all sorts of wonderful, new, and exciting things happening with work. All of which require my undivided attention during the work day. I have a post to post on Justin Timberlake and Movie Theaters and Kissing Swallows with Emerald Eyes. Please stay tuned until after normal business hours.

I'd really like to share a giant tub of popcorn with at least one of you this weekend.

09 January 2007

When I was a little girl I used to spend hours willing myself a pair of wings. I would sit atop the stairs in my house, knees tucked close to my chest, eyes closed (not too) tightly. I would breathe in and out making sure to steal air from the deepest part of my insides. I would imagine my normal world decorated with bright colors, deep staccato drum beats and the high pitched chatter of birds. I would literally let this world take over my whole fragile being. I wanted nothing more than my imagination to consume my reality and allow my body to take flight with the hope of living forever in my own whimsy.

I have a favorites folder marked Beautiful Things. And as I am going through and moving all things blog related to my new notebook I found this:


It makes me want to sit back and sprout wings.

08 January 2007

These days I am all about using my time effectively -  making the most of every-single-minute-of-the-day.

Some one else, a very amazing and creditable and fashionable some one else, has compiled a list for me...err...us.

as promised:


And, happy shopping lovelies.

Oh, and as mentioned HERE - There will be more food and music and places to be and things to experience (other than fashion) coming soon. 2007 hold all sorts of domestic adventures.
You guys! Our City is dripping with red tags and SALE signs. There isn't a shop that doesn't have something you coveted over the fall months marked down.

I will have a detailed list this evening. For now, I wish you a happy Monday and hope that your weekend was as magical as mine.

06 January 2007

I've been living the past few days in your back pocket, hoping you'll notice I'm there. Folded nicely into a approachable square.

And it wasn't until just the other day, when I induced myself with pinot noir and stories that I'd gone ahead and unfolded myself and decided that I'd have to be the one to notice me first.

And since then I've had girlyness running through my veins and life has been a series of moments. And secretly I've been planting the memories all around the city so a few years down the road, when we've forgotten each other nick names, We can pick them and there we will be, hand and hand, in the city well past our curfew high on vodka and giggles taking photos with our mouths open and our hearts on our sleeve. And it will be with that seed we will be the friends we always promised we would be.

Hey! If you all haven't stopped by Impulse to check out the sale, you are seriously missing out. All I have to say is $40.00 denim and free mimosas. Go. Now.

05 January 2007

We all have secrets. I know I do. And at some point we are on the threshold of sharing them, spilling the dark molasses of our past. Secrets don't come out quickly; they have a slow and steady stream of excuses and disclaimers attached. However once they begin their journey from your mouth to an ear; they become listlessly self destructive.
Sometimes I think I can read peoples secrets, just like I can read peoples ways. How do I know? Because they are my secrets and my ways too, all kept deep and hidden until we are drug through the darkest part of vulnerability and have no choice but to come clean. Or until we are freed enough to fold them into little notes and pass them on without care.

04 January 2007

There is this girl I know whose life isn't quite going the way in which she planned. Somewhere along the way an unnamed author took over her plot line and wrote in a few chapters of sadness. The good news is she has redeemed the pen and begun a phenomenal new chapter full of positive thoughts, new jobs, handsome suitors, Diane Von Furstenberg dresses, and rivers of top shelf vodka (okay, okay, I added the rives of vodka, but honestly, she really did write everything else). So while she strings together vowels and consonant and connects everything with semi colons and exclamation points we'll be hand in hand any night of the week schlemieling and schlimazeling down the streets of our favorite city indulging in some of our favorite places.

In no particular order - my most favorite places to complete or start a new chapter.

The W hotel (1112 Fourth Avenue Seattle, WA 98101 (206) 264-6000)

The drinks are expensive ans so is the food, but I can attest, It makes you feel posh. Limit yourself to a couple of each, that way you'll be able to indulge more than once a week. If you go out on a week night, Wednesday is your best bet. Seattle's SIP is happening and local DJ's play loungey, funky and sexy beats. You can feel totally comfortable in your business casual or your evening weekend wear.

611 Supreme
(611 E. Pine St. Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 328-0292)

My favorite place to munch on Crepes in Seattle. The bar tenders range from muscly bouncer types to tatted up punk rockers. The cocktail waitresses are sweet and the entire staff is knowledgeable (probably because they can't get enough of the yummy food). I had both big-group-dinners and "just drinks" here. Each experience exceeded my expectations. My favorite part (besides the food) are the euro trash regulars that dine and drink in excess. Cozy up to the bar and order and extra dirty martini straight up - you'll get it tasting perfect and with a toothy smile.

The Triangle Bar (3507 Fremont Pl N. Seattle, WA 98103, (206) 632-0880)

Far from posh but totally consistent you can visit the triangle any night of the week and run into a birthday party, bachelor troupe or friends getting together "just because". It's a place to go when you don't want to be alone and don't mind late twenty somethings pretending their still in college. To fit in, order a shot and a Stella. To stand out, order a champagne and vodka cocktail.

Hopefully I'll see you sometime soon.

03 January 2007

See! I told you all 2007 would be the best year of my life. When it starts out with a sale at Impulse, featuring a remarkable discount on all fall items (lest I remind you of the almost heart attack I had when I saw Jill had THIS in her store.

Check out the Impulse Blog to the right and see all the other lovely stuff Jill has inflated her store with throughout the fall/winter months.(scroll down a bit to check out the stirrup pants - I'll get a pair if you do).

I'll be there right at 11:00am Saturday morning.

If you'd like to join me I'll be hiding next door munching on the best Coco Nut Cookie and perfectly steamed soy milk at Cafe Ladro (452 N. 36th St.Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 675-0854 ) Seriously you guys, the cookies are fitly sweet with a salty crisp on top. And there is always a adorable emo looking boy with dark rimmed glasses steaming something behind the counter.

See you all Saturday!

02 January 2007

Welcome 2007!

Hello, my name is Amanda, I am a girl who talks with her hands, loves, and is terribly clumsy. I believe in hand holding, positive thinking, and second chances. I like soy milk and firm hugs; early morning runs and simplicity. It's nice to meet you...

Dear 2006,

There were some unexpected and lovely things that happened over the year, like falling in "real-life-I can’t-live my life without you" love and learning to be an adult. Naked swimming and late night dancing. Real life grown up things like car problems and bills and big time decisions that made a big time difference.

I have spent the better half of this year focused on love. Learning to love me and you and making a point to unfold you in every way possible so that you can see all the lovely things I see in you. 2006, you have helped me learn that it is my job, here on earth as a person to make sure you make it. That you get to the spot where nothing is impossible. Why? Because I know you can do it and all it takes is some focus. I see it, and I want more than anything for you too see it too.

You left me without too many scars, and it's just the marks from the years past that are still apparent. And now, just now I have realized how to help heal some of the scars. And it's not (entirely) through giggles or bubbly or hand holding, but comes from the deepest part inside me.

I wrote down almost every moment I had this year - Good, bad, laughable, tear worthy, and inappropriate. And in doing so, I realized that writing is my forum for clarity, truth, and insight. I am my very best self when I am translating my thoughts into words, and an even better self knowing there is someone out there reading them. I have learned that with out The Words, I am without the most fantastic part of myself.

This past year, I spent a lot of time piecing together metaphors; relating certain feelings to certain objects contrary to what they really are. I did my very best to make sure that reality was wearing a lovely mask of Chanel lip gloss and lace; speaking in foreign tongues and perpetually cheerful. My apologies reality - I owe you one. With the onset of 2007, I have tripped willfully into myself and accepted that things are just as they seem. I have come to understand that I know the Answers I just have to let myself believe them.

What I have realized is that one thing leads to another. But it is up to me to create that one thing and to seek out the other. I can not control fate, but I certainly can help mold my destiny. There are a few things that are a musts for this upcoming year - included are: love, kissing, and dancing; blogging, reading and running; foreign countries and regular pedicures. Quality time with my dater and my puppy; honest words amongst friends, colleagues and family members; and a complete dedicaton to becoming a woman of substance and knowledge, a person people want to be around.

I have grand expectations for 2007. I’d like to see a bit more of this world and have a few more conversations in languages I don’t quite understand. I’d like to help heal a few more hearts and make sure we are all shopping and eating and drinking and experiencing the BEST this city has to offer. I'd love for you all to join me on my adventure, because honestly, I know this is going to be to best year of my life. And together, through laughs and martinis and swapping stories we can make it the best year of your life too.

Welcome 2007, I am totally excited you are here.

ps- I wrote this several yesterday's ago. I didn't revisit these words until yesterday. I had no idea I had actually kept my promises. Some times I really surprise myslef.

01 January 2007

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope your eve was full of Friends, Fun, and Fizzy Drinks.

I have all sorts of things to say about 2006 and even more to say about the year to come. I am distangling each memory and lesson from this past year and refolding them into origami kisses that you all will be able to taste first thing tomorrow. Because right now the only thing I can muster up is the 9 steps it takes to snuggle into my bed and say goodnight to the first day of (what's to be) the best year of my life.