22 September 2008


I made it to H & M. It was wonderfully successful.

I've got stories and recommendations about How to Cook a Wolf, Running Shoes, The Trials and the Truths of life long friends, and falling in love.

Please stay tuned.

18 September 2008

The last time I was in H & M my Boyfriend snagged a whole host of great things and I walked away with a scarf I can't yet appreciate and a anxiety attack. The time before that, I was in LES H & M in NYC and I ran into Laura from Project Runway ( you know the one with 75 kids and a supremely old husband). we bought the SAME DRESS and I stood behind her in line and did my very best not to wrap my hands around her waist and hug her from behind. And if it weren't for Laura, I would have hated H & M in NYC too. Too Crowded. Too Competitive. Too Disappointing.

But, as the girl who said she'd never again but did anyway, I'm heading into H & M today. I'll have my zanax and AMEX in hand. And if I see you there and pull you aside to ask you if this or that is too "lunchy" or not enough "ooh-la-la", please don't be alarmed. I go at these scary things alone, then realize, I'm not so good at much of anything by myself.

16 September 2008

"Where Social Circles Collide"

See you Beaus and Beauties on the Red Carpet.

15 September 2008


I'm getting hit left and right from people I known and people I don't know that my blogging habits are poor and pathetic (read: piss poor and supremely pathetic). And, I know that. So there's a reason why I don't do this for a job. It's because I'd likely be fired for poor performance and drinking on the job.

And, really, what I've come to learn about our relationship is that you all know what I know, and some of you know more than I do and It's not always that I care about fashion or food or politics or love or friendship or events. It's only sometimes I care about some of them.

And, lately, I've been hauled up laughing amongst dear friends and dancing until the wee hours with people I've only known on line. I've done zero shopping and been saturating my brain with Sara Palin and the Fear of another Republican Administration. And, after today's news, hiding my jar of pennies under my mattress.

And, I'm not sure these are things any of you'd like to hear about. Because those of you who do want to know, call and ask.

But, just in case you want to know, I'll have you know over the last few weeks I've been falling more and more and more in love, running more miles than I thought I could, hitching rides onto military bases in Corvettes, Noshing at Black Bottle for Lunch, and snacking on Saturated Tofu at KushiBar, booty shakin' my way across the dance floor to inappropriate hip hop, preparing to frost Seattle in Politically Correct Diamonds, testing recipes, cutting and coloring and cutting my hair, Avoiding H an M, picking coconut and carrots out of my Morning Glory Muffin, catching up on hearsay on what's-to-happen with some beloved Seattle Restaurants and Venues, and (with a new found pride) exploring on line shopping *

I've got 3 months of Vogues to catch up on and I have NO fucking idea what I'll be working the streets of Seattle in for Fall. My wardrobe went a bit bleak last fall while trying to conform to a bland relationship. I feel, like this fall, my possibilities are endless. I just placed an order with old navy and swooped by Illi for a pair of On-Sale-Melting-Pot-Denim. Let's have slumber parties where we can swap denim, dresses and dreams.

I'd like to promise that I'll be back tomorrow, but my word is about as faithful at 1980's rock star to his wife. So, let's just leave it with, hope to see you all reading regularly real soon. I'll do my best to write just as often.

* After months of searching to replace my shady NYC street buy-of-a-hand-bag that's been denting my shoulder for 2 years I have turned to online shopping. My first major purchase is the Mini Nikki Bag By Rebecca Minkoff (Thanks Colleen!!). I have learned that indeed, the best deals are on line AND you get to avoid the dungeon at Nordstrom Rack. I have also learned keeping up with all the amazing people I've met dragging my feet store front to store front is best done over a glass of red red wine and gooey pizza.

11 September 2008

have you ever seen two butterflies dancing in a garden? one atop the other fluttering near a daisy and the other settled idly on a lilly? And suddenly, they leap with out abandonment and chase one another over and up and down and around and over and under again until they finally settle atop a fern where they decide, with out words, to take on the world together. To make sure one and the other makes their own way, the best way they can.

I have. It's one of the most lovely things. And, I'm reminded of their concise and free spirit. And their love of love and freedom and the gift of one another.

03 September 2008


It's time for fall coats. The one item in my closet I am never satisfied with.

I'm on the hunt this week to find something that'll carry me into October. Any suggestions?