28 May 2008

Dear Seattle,

I've got a list of about 35 things I want to share with you. And unlike all the other promise I've yet to keep - I do promise to fill you in on this list. Because your life will be that much better with it (read: the BEST sandwich on the west coast, the most perfect fitting boy short (hits below the hips and doesn't ride the arse), a new secret brand of salsa for under $1.99, and the coolest new place to feel like a foodie that's NOT in belltown, and the Summers Hottest Happy Hour since Blue Water Bistro circa 2001)

But for now and the next few days, I'll be elbow deep in digital images composing a photo slidewhow for my dog. Because in a few days she turns two, and god knows, ALL dogs need an online photo slide show to represent their first two years of life.

High Kicks and Bifocals,

27 May 2008

I’ve got Something More inside of me, but I can’t seem to lure it out into words and improper grammar. It’s good and happy and totally in love with life and I’d like to think, the Something More, is inviting the rest of me to a fancy party where I’ll be able to wear my Wang and meet new and interesting people. And, THEN, I’ll be able to tell you all about it. On a scale of 1-10? Life is entering her preteens and turning the corner to her 20’s. Things, for (what feels like) the first time in a long time, sincerely and genuinely feel good.

Stay Tuned.

23 May 2008

ps - Today I am wearing a hot pink cashmere cardigan I got at the Club Monaco Sale. I've deiced that its true what they say about exaggeration - it does make things seem much better.
i love memorial day weekend. Why? everyone else is out and about searching for the sun and I'm giving Seattle some good one on one lovin'. Even though I don't plan on being in the city much, I wont be too far out of the 206.

I've got nothing and everything planned. Things like Movies with my mom, outlet mall shopping with sister and her baby, baking, painting, puppy cuddling, coffee with people who know me as Mandy, Mariner's, and time in hiding.

In the past 48 hours or so, I've been totally over exposed. I'm needing some time where no one knows my name or MO. I've got my head hung in my hands over a few things I that I just can't control and theres nothing I dislike more than not being able to fix things.

So instead? I'll be asking mother nature to keep right with her promise of "good things to come" and I'll be milling about in quiet corners until I see some progress .

19 May 2008

I am falling deeper and deeper in love with food.

For quite some time, I've fancied the entertaining and all that comes with it - the menu, the invites, the reactions, the clean-up, and the thank you cards. But for some time, I've been moving and moving and moving which doesn't lend itself to much entertaining.

With summer tugging at my skirt hem, I'm feeling more excited to have you and you and you way out there over for some food, drink, and conversation. And even tho the dining table hasn't arrived and the pots and pans are still in a hap-hazard pyramid in the broom closet I've got a hanking to entertain.

I'm excited to hear your most memorable recipe, drink mix, or memory of food. And, as I can remember from a several thousand sunsets ago - family, friendship and love is created across the dinner table (err, or over a toast).

What I might try to do here is fill you all in on what's new and savvy and (of course) hip with the world of urban entertainment. I don't know much about it, the rules or the guidelines, but I have to think that with a little heart, soul and practice I'll be able to show you a pretty good time.

For the first installment (surprise surprise) a drink recipe.

'The Donna Martin'
this is a adaptation of a shot created by my BFF and I many moons ago when we wanted to leave an impression on the cute bar tender.

Souther Comfort, 100 proof
Sparkling Lemonade (I prefer Santa Cruz Organic, It's just sweet enough).
1 Lime, thinly sliced
1/2 c. Sugar.

In a 12 oz decanter mix 8 oz of severely chilled Souther Comfort. Add 4 Oz of Sparkling Leomonade. Stir until swirly.
Wet rim of highball glass with Souther Comfort and drudge in sugar. Pour 2 oz of mixture into glass. Float one lime slice in the top of the glass. Serve extremely cold.

I love to present these in mismatched vintage glass wear.
I'm still running on the fun fumes from this weekend (police escorted bar hopping, daylight dancing, BBQ's with the in crowd, and time in the sun with my BFF and Puppy). So for now, while I'm trying to shake this sun burn, please drool over these babies.

JT's ridin' dirty

Kenna Jane Smiles

15 May 2008

Dear 80 degrees,

Wanna get married? Let's meet at the Waterfront for Kettle Tonics and Spicy Shrimp to consummate our nuptials.


13 May 2008

Somehow I found some down time to thumb through the last three months of Vogue and Bazaar to figure out what on earth is going on for Spring/Summer fashion. I had an idea that White is the new Black, Patterns on top of patterns on top of patterns were running amok, and detail is everything (skinny belts, coordinating shoes, and structured bags). Complicated Simplicity is out (think the Olsen Twins) and Simple Complication is in (Think Separates: Cami, button down, cardigan, belt, cropped coat, trousers, flats and a bag - PHEW!!!). This Spring/Summer, we will be put together from head to toe. No more boho this-and-that for this season.

Yours truly is on a budget (yik!) so, I've been scouring my favorite and reliable discount shops; digging trough my ancient summer storage, and schlepping a whole host of vintage wears to Kuhlman's for some reassembling.

Here are a few of my favorite separates:

Old Navy Stripped Pants, $24.99

Old Navy Wrap Dress, $16.99

Nothing Say's Sunny weather like a brand new pair of Chucks. Converse Chuck Taylors in Optical White, $44.00 @ Nordstrom.

Old Navy Button Down, $20.00

Target Plaid Shift Dress, $19.99

I recommend popping by the Ian (Fremont and DownTown) Sale this weekend for the little details. Oh, Also, Club Monaco (Pacific Place) has some perfectly thin and lovely belts to pinch up all your shift dresses. I'd also recommend a cashmere cardi and a memorable denim jacket, all to be found at Club Monaco too!

12 May 2008

I've been knee deep in paint samples and wrestling with Bamboo Rugs. Our new home is still in shambles and from the looks of it, it will remain that way until we decide how to store the 15 years of obsessive shopping and hording of Vogue Magazines. If you'd like to come and visit, please know it's BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair) and plan on helping decide if the shelf is indeed straight or crooked.

I've been doing most of my shopping these days at Lowe's (2700 Rainier Ave S, Seattle - (206) 760-0832). The people are not nice and the crowd that dwells there is really not my kind of crowd. However, I am staring to understand the beauty of BBQ's and lighting fixtures.

So far, here is what I've got for color choices. I;ve been spending all sorts of time HERE deciding which bright color I want to wake up to every morning. So far I'm digging: Golden Flame, Turquoise Tint, Butter Cup Squash, and Ocean Sigh. My Colors were muted for a good two years and I'm doing my best to get them back in a VERY vibrant way.

08 May 2008

I've got some good things to share and (surprise surprise) not much time to hunker down and share it. Please stay tuned for more info on Spring Separates (the theme is in the air, EVERYONE is going their separate ways), Spring Denim (Melting Pot and Tags are in the forefront), Shaking this pesky thing called "break-up" and the Mariners Team Store.

Illi is celebrating their 2 year anniversary this Friday from 5-9. You should come by and say hello and shimmy into some Melting Pot Denim (fresh of the plane from Italy) and if you're one of the lucky ducks who can afford Missoni you'll have the creme de la creme of spring picks! illi, 2113 Westlake Ave 98121, www.shopilli.com, 206.973.3487.

Oh, and if you are wondering why you hear a faint clapping in the background, it's because my lovely cousin Jamie has just finished her last Law School Final, and I'm standing atop the highest hill in Madison Park cheering like its my job. I can promise you she'll be making waves in the near future. But for now, I'm wishing her days filled with martinis and sleeping in! Congrats J!

06 May 2008

I've been out and about meeting new people, reestablishing old friendships and talking with strangers about what they think about this and that. I've been making decisions (errrr sort of) and trying to explain how my world works (because there are very few, VERY FEW, people who understand it). So I assigned myself a writing assignment. It's about three weeks late, but whatever.

In My World

In my world there is no "maybe", "sort of", or "I'll think about it". There is no, "we'll see what happens" or it "depends on". There is no almost red or barley black or off white. There's no fence riding or line walking. There is no in between.

In my world, there is yes and no. Black and white. "For sures" and "absolutely nots". There are sincere "I'm sorry's" and really real "thanks yous". There are rodes less traveled and blazed trails.

The thing about my world, is there is no grey. There is no almost. There is no uncertainty. But what there is in my world? Is changing your mind and switching your answer with out question. Because at the very least, you've got an answer and made a decision. The only thing required for my world is making up your mind.

I believe you are only as good as the company you keep and in keeping that company it's your responsiblity to challenge them to be the best company they can be. And it's a requirement they do the same for you. Because if you can't challenge the company you keep to be the best they can be, why bother keeping them at all.

In my world there is love. All sorts of different kinds - tough, unconditional, whimsical, forbidden, and unrequited. After all, it is what makes our world go round. I'm looking for it an handing it out with the same fervor (at least I'd like to think).

In my world, what has to be made up, is your mind. Because in all the other worlds I've been in, the maybes and the in betweeens and the grey areas lead to no where. And me? I'm definitely looking for somewhere.

01 May 2008

If I had arms that were 1000 feet long and a 56 hour day, I'd surely be skipping through the country and placing fist fulls of lilacs on your doorstep. You'd know it was from me because I'd be right around the corner snapping a polaroid picture so I could remember your face at the very moment you realized that today is May Day.

Flowers; Surprises; and Spring Time Love,