13 May 2008

Somehow I found some down time to thumb through the last three months of Vogue and Bazaar to figure out what on earth is going on for Spring/Summer fashion. I had an idea that White is the new Black, Patterns on top of patterns on top of patterns were running amok, and detail is everything (skinny belts, coordinating shoes, and structured bags). Complicated Simplicity is out (think the Olsen Twins) and Simple Complication is in (Think Separates: Cami, button down, cardigan, belt, cropped coat, trousers, flats and a bag - PHEW!!!). This Spring/Summer, we will be put together from head to toe. No more boho this-and-that for this season.

Yours truly is on a budget (yik!) so, I've been scouring my favorite and reliable discount shops; digging trough my ancient summer storage, and schlepping a whole host of vintage wears to Kuhlman's for some reassembling.

Here are a few of my favorite separates:

Old Navy Stripped Pants, $24.99

Old Navy Wrap Dress, $16.99

Nothing Say's Sunny weather like a brand new pair of Chucks. Converse Chuck Taylors in Optical White, $44.00 @ Nordstrom.

Old Navy Button Down, $20.00

Target Plaid Shift Dress, $19.99

I recommend popping by the Ian (Fremont and DownTown) Sale this weekend for the little details. Oh, Also, Club Monaco (Pacific Place) has some perfectly thin and lovely belts to pinch up all your shift dresses. I'd also recommend a cashmere cardi and a memorable denim jacket, all to be found at Club Monaco too!


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