21 April 2008

I've packed and unpacked my belongings 6 times in almost two years. I've put in 4 change of address forms and had two and a half house warming parties.

Friends, I am so sick of moving. I'm tired of buying and selling my furniture. I am a bit sick with all the glass wear I have to wrap and unwrap so not to crack the one and only possession (besides my clothing) that have moved with me to each and every residence.

I am currently in my new home. And it really truly feels like home, the first place since I moved from my parents house 3,000 sunsets ago that feels like the place I've always ment to be. And besides the fact I am sleeping on a borrowed twin matress (yes, twin), have my clothes in piles on the floor and my shoes, and no furniture to call my own - I love it, truly.

I spent the latter half of the evening wielding my way through an old box of photos, knick knacks, and loose leaf papers from the summers spent in Europe wondering where the girl with the adventurous spirit had run off to...

so, if you need me, I'll be skipping about town posting WANTED signs with my mug boldly printed on them. I have a feeling one of you will be the proud recipient of the hefty reward sometime soon. Because that girl that's been buried in the box of photos, knick knacks and loose leaf papers is poorly hiding somewhere in our city. She is so so ready to be found.


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