07 April 2008

Thanks for waiting....

A looooong time ago before Fremont was Fremont (the home of some of the most innovative boutiques in Seattle), BLISS Boutique was a lone lovely on the corner of Fremont and 34th. Soon to be followed by DREAM (a genetic miracle that was to become BLISS' more mature older sister). Neil and John created two shops that have withstood the indecisive world of fashion Seattle has become. Neil, my favorite shop owner in the city has had a creative bug up his sleeve and has decided to design some special pieces for the semi-committed-fashionista's that roam our streets. If you're looking for some clutch spring pieces (bold patterns, soft cotton t's, short as can be shift dresses and patent leather bags in every color of the the 1960's psychedelic rainbow), head to DREAM and look for their simple and inexpensive label and grab all that your checking account can handle. His designs are well cut, well thought out, and well under the price range of anything you'll find in TBD or SAVVY. And, you'll be one of the few sporting a unique design by one of Seattle's finest fashion-forward-fabulous-queens.

And, per usual, I hope to see you there. Maybe you can help be decide on a new piece of jewelry that looks the best with confidence and ambition.


Blogger chira said...

sweet. i love new places to shop.

i have a soft spot for tbc though since i used to work there for fun on the weekends.

11:15 PM  
Blogger Amanda Mae said...

Oh! DREAM isn't new, it's just newly revived with John's creative spirit!

Go get your spring shopping on lady! It's going fast!

10:03 AM  

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