04 April 2008

"By Appointment or By Chance" is my motto this weekend. I've got a few things on my agenda that can not be missed, for life/death/sanity reasons. The others, I'll be (hopefully) making my way out, to lock knees with strangers in hopes of finding new and interesting people to learn. Please join me, there is always room for ALL of you.

Salon Dewi (1525 14th Ave, Seattle)

I'm detoxing here on Friday evening - Salon Dewi - I'll be baking in their 150 degree infrared sauna in hopes the last 4 weeks of red wine, kettle sevens, and Red Mill Burgers will seep out of every pore. Errr, maybe you shouldn't meet me at this one.

Julep Salon (5001 25th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105)

After that - Champagne (I know. I know) at Julep Salon. They let you drink and chat and get your nails did at the SAME TIME. It's casual, fun, and inexpensive.

Grey Gallery and Lounge

Any bar that is open 11am-2am DAILY is a friend of mine. Plus they are changing the way we hang out with art. Grey displays art from local, regional and national emerging artists and promotes experimentation and innovation - two of the three things that make our world go round (the other? Love)

Verite Coffee & Hitchcock (Both in the Madrona Neighborhood)

I've been a HUGE fan of laughing lately and it doesn't seem to take much to get it out of me these days. I also have been dining on CupCakes for breakfast and (last night) for dinner. Stop in to Verite Coffee House (1101 34th Ave, in Madrona), snag a Carrot Cake Cup Cake and take in Folks and Llamas by Anna Wetzel (eclectic sketches of folks you'd see in and around Seattle with Llamas atop their heads). While you're in the Neighborhood, hang a left down to Hitchcock (1406 34th Ave. Seattle, WA 98122), stop by to see super unique jewelry from local designers and story-filled items from shop owners travels (I once walked away with a Swarovski Crystal and olive-colored glass ring she picked up at a market in Venice while on her honeymoon!). I've got my eye on the grey patent leather hand bag in the window.

Hazlewood (2311 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107)

Hazlewood, for a peep show. The upstairs lends itself to making out and giggling while you watch the DJ groove to whatever eclectic mix She's playing. Make sure you look through the peep show window. If you like (or have) boobs, a mustache, and a sense of humor, I promise you won't be disappointed.

I'll be available for Chance all weekend long.


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you my friend are just too darn cute ;)

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