01 April 2008

Please excuse my absence. My Words have been on an unsolicited vacation. Over the past few days I've been louring them back into my brain and they are almost ready to come out in public again...

Sometimes people come into our lives in the strangest ways. We meet through mutual friends, or by nudging up against a bar together. We meet on bad double dates and in the grocery store. And the funny thing about these people is we never know how or if they may change our lives. It’s the risk we take as people to take one step ahead of the other. Theres a chance that step will lead us to love, heartbreak, friendship, or a deep deep connection that is seemingly inexplicable. Three hundred and sixty five moons ago I took a few steps and came across a girl who burrowed her way into my heart planted a garden of compassion, honesty, and commitment. And several twilights ago, when tears had stained my face for far to long, she was able to write what was in my heart. Because, My words had been on a vacation for quite some time. And she knew that I needed all the worry in my heart to go, go for good and the only way to get rid of the worry is with words. So, she kindly let me borrow hers.

A conflict of unwanted emotions
I want to feel the pain
Do I have to entertain society
How do you deal with the day

This lonely night brings me solace
And I escape an empty place
Tangled thoughts surround me
How do I begin to embrace

The darkness is my silence
That I could not grasp today
Why do I tread forward
When knowingly I will sway

As the light awakens others
And we close the blinding shades
I hide amongst the shadows
I am not worthy of your praise


Blogger Colleen said...

I've always admired you for being able to take those kind of risks.

9:29 PM  
Blogger Amanda Mae said...

You can't take the risks with out a foundation of loyal friends to stand upon :)

9:37 AM  

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