18 March 2008


I dare you to dance and dance often...

Lazying around on Saturday Morning, I made my way to the Madrona area to do some work errands. On my way home I flipped a quick U Turn to follow a sign that was daintily placed on the corner of E Union and 18th.

Last Waltz is a newish boutique owned by an adorably kind and fashionable lady named Cybill. She's created a unique environment that combines fantastic vintage finds, must-have-because-none-of-your-girl-friends-have-it jewelry, hip to the fashion world clothing, and never seen before hand bags.

The store is dark and homey, she is passionate and sweet, and the promise of new hard to find vintage finds makes this a place I recommend checking out. I walked out with a vintage linen backless dress for $40.00. I had to leave behind a FANTASTIC YSL vintage silk top with a psychedelic print. It's screaming for someone with petite arms and a fantastic waist to swing by and take it home.

These Fan Earrings are my next purchase. See you there Saturday afternoon.

Lace Fan Earrings by Lush Bella @ Last Waltz (1406 18th Ave, Seattle Wa, 98122. 206.328.5512)


Blogger bnko said...

nice blog amanda, nice to know a little bit more about the stuff you like .
see you somewhere somehow around seattle ;)

2:01 PM  

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