17 April 2008

The other evening someone asked me where I think Id be 10 years from now (Just after I swiped a hanger of spicy pork sandwich from my chin). And it took only a few deep breaths to realize that I am, finally, where I think I'd like to be for the rest of my life. Please note I am still striving to find the love of my life, start a family, and of course committing more time to my business - I'm living the sort of life I never quite realized I thought I'd like to live. So, I thought I'd map out for you, dear readers, what a day in my life tends to be. A day like today.

7:00am - wake up to this face:
and moving my arse up Magnolia hill (soon to be Madison Hill) for a walk.

8:00-9:00 - banter with my BFF2/Roommate about inane things like politics, boob jobs, sushi, socks, and work week responsibilities.

9:30 - Coffee and Almond Croissant from Essentail Baking Company on Madison.

10:00 - work (make believe; emotional coaching; giggles; songs; stories about sharing, creativity, confidence, love, and the world; lessons on nutrition, using the right words at the right time, and being the best person you can be.)

2:00pm - calling organization A and non-profit B learning more about what they need from you and me to make this city a better place.

3:00pm - cooking. creating food for people who love food; want to learn more about the creative nature of food; and love the way food can bring people together to create great conversation and unforgettable memories.

4:30 - attempt to make reservations at FAVORITE and BEST Happy Hour Spot in Bell Town for BFF's Birthday. Umi Sake House (go to the bar, say hi to Will and James, order a Happy Hour Hot Saki and a "Yeah Buddy") - you won't be disappointed.

5:00pm - more work. research on potty training, sleeping habits, emotional development, physical mental and emotional growth though experiencing the world around us.

6:00pm - Fitting for pro-bono sustainable garment fashion show at Girl Power Hour. Mingling with the who's who of the Seattle Fashion world and the Everyone Should Know folks of giving back in our city (all the while dancing around with a sweet and funny 3 year old dressed in a tu-tu).

Shopping in the newest and (as I see it) will-be-here-for-quite-some-time boutique in Down Town Seattle, The Finery. Shimming my way into Hugo Boss new less expensive denim line Orange Label and falling in love with Drykorn For Beautiful People Denim. Check out the Spring/Summer look book Push Denim. Rolling around in shoes Uncle Scrooge style wishing my pocketbook was as deep as my style wants.

Por La Victorie Zip Heel @ The Finery (1st Ave Seattle)

7:00pm - Sushi at Nijo Sushi (The West Edge's hidden treasure)

8:00pm- Work.

11:00 - After party for the Kanye West, N.E.R.D, and Rihanna show. Feeling too old to be anywhere after 10pm. Participated in a spontaneous victory march with a fleet of Mexico Soccer Fans.

Midnight - Coming home to roomie and practicing the soldier boy in sweat pants, because our living room is the only place we'd ever attempt the nearly impossible dance. Loving on my puppy.

12:30am - blogging.

And I guess what I am getting at is that after all this time, I've learned the (sort of) hard way that you should really, no matter what, do what you love. And when you fully commit to doing that thing, everything else that you think may not be possible will fall into place. And life will become what you've always wanted it to be, even if you haven't yet realized it's what you wanted.


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