04 February 2010

I’ve hit a low. Yesterday while at Cost-co, I bought a thermal shirt with a tye-dye heart in the center and came VERY close to adding a terrible Michael Kors half trench coat with fake silver coated buttons to my collection. I almost bought it in white and a size too big, just because.

It’s clear, I’ve sort of, lost it.

I’ve been spending most of my day’s in a “holiday” t-shirt from J-crew, whatever denim I have clean in my (incredibly charming) boyfriend’s closet, and a pair of shit for an excuse of Shearling Boots.

I finally unpacked from our trip to Nashville. We arrived home nearly 40 day’s ago.

I just stocked up on fashion rags and yet nary an inspiration. I’ve been drawn to the Gap and Banana Republic and my T-shirt drawer. I wandered aimlessly through Nordstrom and slipped out with a pair of boots that I’m not sure are even fashionable and a stubbed toe pair of flats in teal patent leather (I later found out these little slips are a Nordstrom Brand, yuck). I have a Tribal Print H&M sweater dress ( a suggested purchase by a thirteen-year-old) taunting my wayward ways every time I thumb through for something.

I am worried I’ve lost it, completely. But I haven’t given up.

Instead? I'm focusing on the things that do inspire. stiff cocktails with smart people, muscle failure and sweat on Queen Anne, Exercising my dog(even when I’m not around), love, and a night out with a a squad of fashionable go-getting-women.

Let's hope all this nonsense is nipped in the bud soon. I'm not sure how much more I can take.