31 March 2009

Because sometimes running, vodka and denim just cant make it happen - I signed up for THIS*

But really, what more can a girl want from life than to be happy, whatever that may mean for you.

Me? I'm still trying to figure it all out. But I do know that I'm on the path to being someone and in the mean time enjoying being something.

Stay tuned lovely readers, I've got some serious spring fashion up my sleeve. And, this Saturday my mom (the Martha Stewart of the Pacific Northwest) will be spring cleaning my diggs. That means, perfectly organized everything.

In the mean time, enjoy the sun and cherry blossoms. Maybe pet a puppy and do some hand holding. And, if you've got someone to kiss, do that too. It's SPRING!

*thanks to Molly Hoyne @ Stratejoy.com for the heads up!

26 March 2009

The other day I took a shower with my denim. I'm a meticulous launder-er. I read labels, study the stitching and rarely dry anything.

My new Loomstate Organic Denim said to wash in the shower, on your body, with shampoo.

So, I did. And as a result, I have a snug fitting pair of ethical denim folded neatly in my closet.

The boys at Loomstate have a fantastic story and have built and founded their company with "respect for our environment’s ability to balance, shape and color itself." I'd recommend checking out what they Weave and Sew.

Looking to get it on in the shower with your own pair of Loomstate? Please visit Lisa at Juniper in Madrona. She has a few styles for girls only. It's a few day's away from April, where I be shopping local and previously used only. Juniper in Madrona will be a frequent stop on my Local Shopping Tour.

22 March 2009

Weekend, once again, you came and went way too fast. I need just a few more hours in all day's, Saturday and Sunday included.

On a whim, I snagged myself a American Apparel Circle Scarf (honestly, the scarf came about because I was craving a Dick's Cheeseburger for the 9th time this week, and needed to take a sharp turn somewhere away from that walk up window). And, no matter how I twist or turn or circle this thing around my head, it does not look like the image below.

I think, my head may be too small to rock the circle scarf.

American Apparel Circle Scarf, $30.00

Luckily for me, there is a team of creative tarts somewhere at American Apparel, twisting and wrapping and informing the us small-headed-people other ways to wear this massive piece of fabric.

16 March 2009

Also, if you are feeling starved for good music, nice people, art, and delicious drinks: You should go to Grey Gallery on Wednesday to hear my friend play. He's good great at what he does and carries around a pocket full of incredibly nice people.

Jeremy @ Grey Gallery
On Wednesday I have a former Barney's of New York clothes master coming over to rearrange my closet. Which means, I will be knee deep in laundry until then. And after that, I'll be basking in the glory of of greatness.

The next couple weeks will be hectic. March, you've suddenly turned yourself into a very busy month.

On Thursday I'll be eating and drinking and having eargasms HERE

Seattle Sound Bite benefits the Vera Project ProStart and WRA. I don't know much about the last two charities, but I do know the Vera Project, and sincerely believe that what they do changes the lives of young people. So, if you need to eat and drink and hear something good on Thursday. Please join me (and Becky and Lindsay and Kiki and Eric)

The following week, I'll be romancing Bell Town. I've realized recently how much I miss living so close to everything. There are a few restaurants I'll be revisiting and a couple of new place I'll be checking out (Taberna del Alabardero & List). I love nothing more than leaving my car behind and walking to and from dinner, drinks and shopping.

Kuhlamn's has a new art installation and the Sculpture Park and I will need to get reacquainted. All this basking is temporary (I'm only house sitting AND I have a new roommate is headed in my direction in the CD The "New Bell Town").

I still have something to say about Organic Denim and the best place to snag previously worn bobbles. Stay tuned (and dry).

10 March 2009

I'm going green in t-minus 22 days.

This means a variety of things. One of my main objectives will to buy clothing that was created using socially and environmentally responsible methods of production; is made with organic materials, or has once been purchased and worn by someone else already.

I am was considering the 100 mile Diet. But in research, I've learned it is a serious serious commitment. And, since I've made a promise not to be serious about much of anything these days - the 100 mile diet will have to wait.

But, what I am going to do is amp up my "buying local". All produce will be purchased at farmers markets, all meat and seafood with come from my butcher and favorite monger, and I promise to buy my staples from as many local manufacturers as possible. I already enjoy patronizing local business. But in times like these where even the most dedicated of local shoppers are heading to Safeway and Target for better deals and convenience - we need to be more dedicated to Seattle. I admittedly have a problem with commitment unless it has to do with love. So, let's do each other a favor and hold one another accountable, okay?

The only thing I reserve the right to entertain liberally that is not local? Vodka.

08 March 2009

It's suddenly almost 8 O'clock on a Sunday. And, I am not sure I feel like the weekend has actually started. I've got a few blogs in the que about eating locally and organic denim; glittery mascara and being unsettled.

That indecisiveness that's planted itself in the in the middle of my heart, is making things slightly harder than I'd like them to be. And the reality is, I know all this up and down and back and forth is easily fixable. I just have to figure out what that fix is.

There is a chance you and I shared breathing space this weekend. And, I just want to say "thanks". It's nice to be back, finally.

03 March 2009


I literally just walked in the door. And, this morning, I walked out before 8am.

And for dinner, I'm having a bowl of almost too ripe strawberries and pop corn sprinkled with Bacon Salt. If Pagliacci delivered to my zip code, I'd totally be ordering from them (take SERIOUS note Pagliacci's).

There were about 65 thousand thoughts that flashed through my head today, but the one that I did the most with was this: Cheap Colorful Clothing for Spring

(I have to say, I'm having a bit of a hard time with all this inexpensive generic clothing support. NOT THAT I DON'T ALWAYS SUPPORT IT, but now another one of most coveted places to shop is closing down. Sadly, Cybele at Last Waltz is closing her doors. But not before holding a HUGE sale of EVERYTHING she has in her store ("selling furniture and fixtures as well as stock, the whole shebang!"). Sale Starts March 7th).

Old Navy Cropped Pea Coat, $22.00, ALL sizes available on-line @ www.oldnavy.com)

Old Navy Woman's Cotton Twill Vest, $29.50 @ www.oldnavy.com

Old Navy Hipster Unds, $7.50ea or buy 3 or more $5.00ea, www.oldnavy.com. These come in 25 colors from Valencia Orange to Cyclamen!

02 March 2009

I have a great story to tell about Being in Love with Seattle. But I'm a bit distracted with the 25 + hidden emails I found in my g-mail account and *hangs head in great GREAT shame* watching The Bachelor.

We'll reconvene tomorrow to talk about how absence makes the heart grow fonder, the classy girls ultimate revenge (my words strung together and printed on a glossy colorful page), and my new favorite subject - a recession proof wardrobe.