29 July 2008

I have something really embarrassing to tell you all. However it'll have to wait. I promise you'll get a good laugh. A really really good laugh. Mom, especially you.

Hang Tight.

22 July 2008

You all must be so fucking sick me my meandering excuses, right?

The thing is, most of what I do these days is for personal gain. selfish? totally. however, my drive to be out and about in the city discovering new things has been put o n the back burner to weekend adventures and romancing.

Next time you walk South on 1st between Wall and Bell look to your right. The shop with the random t-shirts, chandeliers, handbags - you know the one that looks like a gypsy trailer you'd see parked somewhere in Sadona waiting to sell you something - That is Marilyn Berg. Her petite-fantastically-dressed-whole-in-the-wall has withstood the deconstruction and reconstruction of Bell Town.

As a former lover of all things vintage (every once-in-a-while I'll romance my old habit) I was drawn into her shop by the Lucite bobbles she has streamed from every corner. I was pleasantly surprised to find Isabella Fiore hand bags sprinkled amongst vintage craft projects (think the hand glued shell lamp your grandma had at her beach house). She carries all sorts of earrings built with all sorts of beads from all sorts of eras. She's currently housing Ed Hardy T's, Shirts and hoodies.

Marilyn is the kind of lady you'd want to be in your family. She seems like she always has a party to attend and calls you "honey" or "sweetie" in the least offensive sense of the word.

I walked away with this with only the slightest bit of buyers remorse (it reminds me of being 21 chugging on Vodka Tonics and wishing tomorrow wouldn't come)

Ed Hardy " Love Kills Slowly" T @ Marilyn Berg ( 2405 1st AVE Seattle, WA, 206-448-2408).

I'd like to think Hitchcock got her inspiration for Ms. Berg.

17 July 2008

For the past few moons I haven't had the chance to second guess mother nature. I haven't even tired to understand why things are happening the way they are happening. And, since I committed to waving my white flag and giving into the ways of the world, things have been almost perfect. Easy. Blissful. All together happy.

And luckily I have this gal in my life to keep me abreast of whats happening in the world of Seattle (at least with music and entertainment). She's also got the goods on anything that has to do with design. Check out her MySpace blog: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&friendID=24179039

I'm headed south of the border this weekend to Portland to see the results of listless love. And after that? I'll be putzing around Portland doing my best to "Save SO much with NO SALES TAX". If you have any suggestions, let me know!

14 July 2008

I'm at it again. I've been starting all sorts of blogs and not taking the time to finish them. And, to be honest, I don't feel too bad about it. Because I've been busy kissing, berry picking, going to rock and roll shows, hugging on a handsome man, giggling over Pinot Grigio, kissing on babies, exploring Bell Town's hidden hole in the wall shops, planning for my ten year reunion, and wondering why life shouldn't always be this good.

If you are interested in getting your toes dirty and a few antioxidants visit this place The people are lovely and the blueberries are almost organic. And, really? It's nice to get out of the city (only every-once-in-awhile)

Did any of you go to Ian? The Finerie?

07 July 2008

I KNEW something was up when I poked my head into Olivine on Sunday (I didn't go on because I was dripping with chocolate covered loganberry ice-cream) and the store looked a little anorexic.

Olivine, like Merge is changing Zip Codes. Welcome the harsh reality of the 98103. I am bit giddy to see what Fremont does with all this fashion. I do have to say, it's certainly making my shopping rounds a whole lot easier :)
Because I'm the girl, who just last night, admitted that I write my name and phone number on the front cover of every book I own, because of the movie Serendipity - I'll be HERE tomorrow evening. Enjoying the shameful-hopeless-romantic-adolescent-pain-of-unrequited -love of strangers and likely, a vodka seven.

I'd also like to tell you how excited I am about this! I've been threatening to buy a plane ticket to NYC for this show for quite some time.

01 July 2008

I'm kicking caffeine and I'm starting to think it was a terrible idea. And, really? there are like 67 other things in my life I could kick that would likely be just as rewarding but cause much less of a headache.

To distract myself from the suspension of caffeine, I've spent the day cleaning out my closet. Rearranging my denim and hauling out all of my vintage hand bags to see which have survived the 1.2 million moves I've made in the last 5 years. Folding a vast vintage t-shirt collection and milling though the (almost) entirely NEW and HARDLY worn wardrobe I bought for European travels (not much which is suitable for Seattle summers or my lifestyle). With the overhaul almost complete, I've got a sizable pile of clothing, bags and travel treasures ready for the taking. If you know where I live, my door will be open for the next 48 hours. Come on by. I'll make a pot of white tea and we can play dress up!