30 April 2009

29 April 2009

I’ve got a craving for nostalgia. I want spoonfuls of it most all of the time. I do my best to put together the most perfect bite. A touch of something from a month ago, layered with a feeling from my childhood, and topped with a perfect and thin slice of my early twenties.

I’ve been pacifying my obsession with a fierce effort to make new moments and framing photos. Also, I’ve been reading, eating, and dreaming about food. I went ahead an snagged Vogues from two different countries and this months In Style just to be sure I didn't lose my stride.

There were about 17 places I should I been tonight. But instead, I reared hearts and held hands and sang songs. And now, I'm home, elbow deep in pancake batter scanning the food blogs for shortbread recipes and planning my Sunday Brunch menu.

All this food thought and talk can be rightfully and happily blamed on this book, spending time with this girl, and my mother.

27 April 2009

I just foraged through my summer wardrobe (which is now sprawled out across my garage floor, gross, I know) early Saturday morning hunting for a pair of wedges. And since then, all I really want to do is be at home playing this song on repeat, chatting with CoCo, dreaming of San Francisco, reading this book, drinking Rosé and planning outfits for events that have yet to be created.

I haven't quite decided what my late spring/summer uniform will be. I'm teetering between super feminine dresses with loads or flowers, Chuck Taylor's and vintage baubles or throwing in the towel and completely and becoming a slave to whatever trend my present itself.

What I do know is, come May 1, I'll be sending a host of orders to these witty, brilliant, and (I am sure) likable ladies.

Here are my favorite few:

Mercer Shoe by Marais USA, available on line, $49.00

Perry Shoe by Marais USA, available on line, $49.00

Waverly Shoe by Marais USA, available on line, $59.00

26 April 2009

Dear Seattle,

That slight bit of uncertainty we had going into the last few weeks? It's gone, thankfully. Because sometime between Thursday and Today I realized that things change. People fall in and out of love, they move to different and far away cities, they change their coffee orders. Things, no matter how hard you try and keep them the same, change. And, I guess, I'm becoming more and more okay with that. Because what I've decided to do? Is follow my heart. And as vividly I know each and every nook and cranny of my heart, I'm never exactly sure where it'll lead me. So, Change like Uncertainty doesn't scare me like it used to. And I sure hope this new commitment I have with my heart won't let me down. But I guess in the end, if it does? Seattle, you and I? Maybe we could go back to the way we were before we knew change existed.

With high hopes,

22 April 2009

I've got a pretty big problem with thoughts these days. I seem to have one too many a minute, and my brain can't quite take it. And, it's just that one teeny tiny thought that's relatively insignificant, that puts me over the edge.

Like today? It was high wasted trousers. I wiggled myself into a pair yesterday (note to everyone whose been through a break up. Do not shop for clothes. Shop for shoes. Your width and length doesn't change during heart break. Your waist size does.)

Mine are an age old classic from Marc early spring of last last year. Too bourjoi for this economy. But! Look whose making an affordable and wearable version?

Isaac for Liz

(you can find these locally at Macy's. I know, for me, it's a tough pill to swallow, but you go where the man designs.)

If you haven't checked out his newest penny pinching collection - please do. It's classic, charming, and totally affordable. Also well researched (as Sr. Isaac always is). He traveled around the US to 4 Major Cities (NYC, Miami, Dallas, and SF) to test his line on the who's who of the socialite scene of each city. And, as soon as I remember where I read all about it - I'll fill you in.

20 April 2009

I've been threatening change. Somethings tugging at my pant leg. Its yet to identify itself, but I've got a pretty good feeling that somethings made up of adventure, spontaneity, and little bit of no-good.

Late at night when you all are doing whatever it is that you do. I've been mapping secret escapes to secret places. I pencil them lightly on the inside of my forearm so that when I finally fall asleep the gray area seeps into my blood stream and makes it's way to the most secret parts of my insides. I'm hoping, one day, all these maps will emerge with confidence and fists full of money and persuade me to go the direction I've always meant to go.

I owe you an apology, Seattle. I've been plotting our break-up for the last several weeks. And really? All those fun evenings out and long walks through the city have been laced with insincerity. You seem to always drive the people I love to most to far away places. And, I'm starting to think that is really is you, and not them. I think, we just need to be on a bit of a break. Maybe absences really does make the heart grow fonder and we'll come back more in love then ever.

I've been wearing all sorts of black again and doing more cooking than I'd ever anticipated. If I had the time, a camera and the right words, I'd tell you all about it. But I'm leaving all of that to the people who do it best .

I've been thinking more about love than ever before. Even when I was ear-deep-head-over-heals-in-it. I've been thinking why we love, when to love, how to love, and who to love. And the thing is? Over the years I've placed an inordinate amount of weight on my exceptions and flattened them into a thin, comfortable shawl. And whether love is all dressed up or stylishly dressed down, I'll always be a bit expecatious. I think that may be a problem. And, attending this show, didn't curb any of my obsession.

15 April 2009

It's funny. No matter how hard we try to mend our tracks, the rain here in Seattle always seems to reveal every step we've taken.

I guess, on the bright side, I'm wearing good shoes.

Por La Victoire Babette, $149.00 @ Edie's (Capitol Hill, 319 E. Pine, Seattle Wa 98122)
There are all sorts of exciting things on the forefront for this little space. But until Sunday, I won't have much time to do much of anything but live, let alone tell you all about it. I've got work, work and more work; a hair cut and color; a few minutes for a drink with my BFF; a baby shower; This Play; and hopefully a few minutes for more hand holding.

Remember all that cheating I talked about? Well, one of my packages arrived late last night.

Baked Fusion Soft Lights by Smashbox, $30.00 @ Nordstrom (Down Town Seattle)

I'm desperate for a tan, but wise enough to know (finally) the tanning booth 'aint the way to go. For now? I'll be artificially bronzing my cheeks. And, for what to wear on those haven't-seen-sun-in-7-months-legs? Stay tuned.

13 April 2009

As I was staycationing in Bell Town two weeks ago I darted towards Marilyn Berg. She had 70% off sign in her window. And, after 2.5 glasses of Veuve and filtering all sorts of compliments about The Puppy, I learned the Marilyn was closing her doors. I walked away with more vintage glassware (an AMAZING green decanter circa 1955, a set of high ball's and a martini mixer). Another-one bites the dust in our sad little economy. However, I think her babubles are available on line and through appointment

More Marilyn Here
I'm in desperate need of color (an my tea which is staring at me from the counter, but The Puppy has just curled up in my lap, and I don't have the heart to move her, ugh.).

I've spent the last few days mixing and matching blacks and denim. Remember that closet organization that happened last weekend? It's completely undone itself with my busy schedule - and denim and black will work out the wrinkles better than anything else. I'd like to say that I've been weaving in all those spring-time-brights with my boring color pallet, but I haven't.

I've been craving orange - in every possible hue from breathy to full; warm to transparent. And, since I'm sticking to my guns with my "green initiative" - I'm plucking items from the archives. Luckily Orange and I have been flirting with the idea of going public since my early twenties, so I've got a sizable pile to work with. And as far as my home (which is coming together quite nicely)? I'm throwing as much of the enthusiastic color I can around my place.

They say orange represents fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. I could use a dash of each of these. You?

Gap T, $15.00 @ The Gap, University Village (2730 NE University Village St, Seattle, WA‎ - (206) 525-1559‎)

Balenciaga First Bag in Mandarin (must be special ordered from Barney's, but readily available on the web-site) @ Barney's of New York (Pacific Place, 600 Pine St, Seattle Wa)

Jyllinge Rug $14.00 @ Ikea (601 SW 41st Street, Renton, WA 98057, (425) 656-2980)

Le Creuset Kettle, $55.99 @ Cookin' (4224 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112, (206) 328-2665‎).

Unisex Slim Slack, , $72.00 @ American Apparel (I have mine in Poppy from the Capitol Hill Location).

Oh, also, I've had THIS MIX on repeat since Friday. To check out my friend Marty-Mar Live, you can see him at See Sound Lounge (115 Blanchard St Seattle, WA 98121) on Thrusday's and JuJu (2224 2nd Ave, Seattle) on Saturday's.
I've got something to say about Color, New Friends & Old Friends, and Seattle in the Spring. Right now? I'm in desperate need of a run, coffee and a washer and dryer. This weekend left me a little behind on house work and normal living. But, literally, the last 72 hours have added at least 5 more laugh lines - and I have no intention of trying to get rid of them.

12 April 2009

I've been moving. Mainly in and around and sometimes about. I've spent less than 60 minutes a day in my home since the end of March, minus my sleeping hours. I've been clinking glasses, holding hands, and learn new ways of all sorts of new people. I've been dancing, some singing, and surpassing my daily word quota. I've spent time with Mama, the bars, and the BFF's. I've covered almost 50 miles of this city in my running shoes.

I'm exhausted.

Today, when all you people are gathered around a buffet swooning over the 4 different styles of eggs. I'm here at home, nestled between The Puppy and cushion's taking more than a minute to count my breaths and my blessings.

Happy Easter Seattle.

07 April 2009

It's been a cool (and some hot) seven 8 days since I've gone super local and green. And, so far? It's been a cinch.


Because I'm a bit of a cheater. I bought a months worth of fish and meat down at Don and Joe's (85 Pike St, Seattle - (206) 682-7670). I got in under the gun, the Sunday before last at the Ballard Market and I'm still going strong on my veggies and what fruits were available. I snagged some Beechers Hand Made Cheese (In the Market, 1600 Pike Pl, Seattle - (206) 956-1964)last week too. Needless to say, my fridge is stocked.

I ordered a second pair of LoomState Denim from Lisa at Juniper in Madrona. Oh, and, I've been eating out - a lot. So, this whole "eat local, shop local (usually my thing anyway), buy local" thing - I got it down pat until my fridge and creativity runs dry.

And, to curb the need for new spring things? I invited my mother over to help organize my room. Nothing makes you feel more guilty than your mother, who's lived her life for you, worn holey socks so you could have THAT prom dress from Cache, asks you why "you have 12 pairs of black dress pants?". To which you reply, "I Do?". Guilty.

I do have a bit of a home-decoration-challenge ahead of me. Stay tuned for market and second hand finds.

But really? The best part about all of this is that I'm exploring our city again. Admittedly, I became lazy (which I blame mainly on heart break). And for the first time this year I'm falling in love with Seattle all over again. One local store at a time.