04 April 2007

The Hopelessness is still burrowing in my gut and its been so kind to ask The Anxiety to join it. Regardless of my efforts, I can't seem to shake this feeling. What is certain seems uncertain and what is uncertain seems certain and the flip flop of emotions are wrecking my normalcy. The worst part is, it's all for no good reason. I think this is Mother Nature’s test to see if I am indeed keeping on point.

There are a few things I can count on when The Uncertainty is around. One of those things is This Place

See Sound Lounge (or SSL as it's know by the regulars) has been my favorite Bell Town watering hole since it's opening (almost) three years ago. I never have a bad time at SSL. Cute, personable and funny bar tenders. Fantastic resident DJ's like DJ Johnny Fever and DJMB. On any given night you can waltz in and find owners Bryce and Kristi hanging out with the regulars. There are plenty of singletons roaming the bar, you can dress as comfy or sexy as you'd like (without receiving a stare down), and the cover is rarely over $5.00.

Tonight - this Fancy Broad will be celebrating 24 years 1980’s Style. Lucky for the rest of the City - 80's night is EVERY Wednesday. And, a few Saturday's from now, My Dater will be sandwiched in between This Guy and This Guy rocking the dance floor. I'll be there holding down the back section for TWO Birthday's. If you ever plan on heading into SSL, come on the 21st (don't worry, I will remind you).

If I can't dance (which I plan to do PLENTY of this evening) this hopelessness out of me - then I am afraid I'll just have to haul up and figure it all out all on my own.


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