02 April 2007

I have grand plans to write to you all about Anoraks and Parks and The Culture of Blue Water Bistro on a sunny day. But right now, I am melting into the whimsical and kitchy and sing-a-long-lyrics of miss Lilly Alllen, my BFFs new BFF. Lilly makes me feel good about being a (sometimes) bitterly sweet and smart girl who doesn't mind a curse word or a ciggy now and then.

I just opened the M's season with a few of my most favorite people and it was a swift reminder of how much I LOVE being a Seattleite.

ps- these are my people

ps- We are on an island where NO ONE could see us. We were there for fun and only fun via booze and sloppy secrets. Therefore Ugg Boots were acceptable. The ladies in the photo are well aware that Ugg Boots are not to be worn except for reasons of comfort. Please do not wear Ugg Boots. Thank You.


Blogger Professor Howdy said...


I may be wrong but awhile back
I was traveling and happen to meet
you while shopping and you mentioned
about your blog. It seemed interesting
to me. I was gone for some time
after that but I finally checked out
your blog and it's just like you said!

Well anyway take care and write
sometime if you ever have time...

9:02 PM  
Blogger Amanda Mae said...

Really? Shame on me for boasting. Either way, thanks for looking and finding and reading :)

Can you clue me in as to where it is we shared a chat? Was I in your city or mine?

9:10 PM  

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