31 October 2006

Lions and Tigers a Bears - Oh-My.
This year I passed on dressing up as a "Slutty/Sexy/Promiscuous ____________"

Instead i will be scaring the Bah-Humbug out of me at Havana's. www.havanasocial.com
I have been here twice, once I remember. Both times I had a hard time finding it.

1010 East Pike Street - Seattle, WA 98122 (across PIKE from Des Amis; in a parking lot; grey awning.)

You can spot people come in and out of a left hitting hot house and the music makes you want to dance until 3 even though it's a school night. I know there will be a lovely crowd there this evening. If you can't join us tonight, come another night. It is ALWAYS fun.

And if Halloween isn't scary enough as is - something you should all know for winter - Velvet is back. It's not looking too terribly Freshman Year Homecoming either (I have seen some adorable skinny legged creations and fitted colorful blazers), so I think we all may be in for a pleasant surprise. I am sure Les Amis in Fremont (www.lesamis-inc.com) will have some cozy and stylish selections. Stay Tuned.
I made a a promise that I would write to you every day. I have done so, however I haven't been all too pleased with the way I have been putting my words together. But none the less, they are here day in and day out. I keep thinking about what I'd like this space to represent. I am steering away from 100% of anything. Not too much fashion, not too many feelings, more food and music than I think is needed. What I do know is that this place will be totally Seattle.

I have been doing "research" (surfing the net) for lovely things that I love that I think you might love too. But my goal here is not to link you to a site to buy it/experience it now. My goal is to find it somewhere here in our city. I like to touch things, try them on. I like to talk to the shop girls and boys, the bookstore owners, and the restaurantoure. I like to hear what they think of their creations. It's the one thing that keeps me out and about and loving this city. People have a lot more to offer in person than they do over the web. I want you to be able to learn the story of how someone's special something (restaurant, boutique, bookstore, bar, band, etc.) came to be - face to face.

I think as a whole we have put the concept of connection in our back pockets. My plan is to bring that back and help you understand how much better life can be when we take the time to inhale each other's exhale.

30 October 2006

Stories make me feel real. Especially your stories. After all the leaves have fallen and the branches are left shivering in the cold, I'll be out and about warming myself, collecting leaves and stories to plant under your pillow. So when the time comes for you to hear my stories. All you'll have to do is get comfy and close your eyes.


As you were talking I could see the girl you have always been growing into the girl I have always known and I could tell you were sincere in your promise to be better about being you. And I know you will do your best (very very best) to be that girl. How do I know? Because the tear that stained your cheek, trickled across the table and let me know he'd be the one to hold you accountable. He mentioned that he be around for awhile and said he'd do his best only to come around when needed.

Soon enough, and this I can promise, you won't need anymore hand holding or stained cheek reminders.

28 October 2006

When Alyssa was little she used to see me out at the end of the day - thumb in mouth, blanket in hand - she'd remind me to "never forget" her. And my response was always always the same, "never little miss, you are much to hard to forget".

Often I will think about what I need to do here on this earth to make a difference. What can I do to assure things will be better because I was here? I worry about not doing enough. And to be perfectly honest - really what I want to be, what I care about most in life is to be a person of substance and kindness and knowledge, a person  worth being around.

To make sure it all REALLY counts, I donate here:


There is a lot of controversy that surrounds PP. Bottom line, they offer woman the opportunity to make a choice that is best for them and keep their bodies healthy the right way. And to that, I do high kicks and issue high fives. We should all have the right to choose.  

I am off to toe pretties and monsters and Thai food. Happy Saturday People.

27 October 2006

These make my toes giggle. I'd like them in Chocolate Brown.
Kate Spade Abigail available at Barney's New York 1420 5th Ave Ste 110 Seattle, WA 98101 (in the City Center).

After you play at Barney's you should pop into Palomino for a glass of Pinot, asparagus salad (confetti-ed with crisp prosciutto, waif-y parmesan, and fennel) and crab cakes. In a perfect world I'd be there right...about....now.
There needs to be a bit more time for lallygagging. Its been awhile since I have had the time to meander into coffee shops and play house in a book store and make camp on your couch. There are things that need to be done - a long list of stuff to cross off, stuff that would normally require hand holding - but not anymore. My hands, as of late, are doing a pretty good job with conducting my Hodge Podge orchestra all by themselves.

On my way home yesterday the leaves dancing on the warn branches of the trees looked like giant hands. And as mother nature swept them back and fourth and back again I could hear their applause and their refined shouts of "encore!". And I was taken aback, just a bit, because more often than not, I am not sure that the world really notices all the great things happening in it.

I have a feeling it's going to be one of those weekends where I threaten to bottle every moment just so I can take a sip a month or two from now and remember how fantastic it was to dance aimlessly, smile for no reason and step without thinking.

Still, I am not sure who all of your are, but I can say (without hesitation) I am learning to love every bit of you.

If you feel like you are in need of some good conversation, a crepe and a new vintage scarf. Come play with me here Sunday Morning: http://www.fremontmarket.com/flash.html

26 October 2006

Denim at THREAD Seattle!

You'd have to be just plain stupid not to come. Let's hold hands and compliment each other's ass. Eeeeek! I can not wait.


Los Angeles based, The Warehouse Sale featuring designer jeans for men & women up to 80% off, has just been added to THREAD Seattle on November 5th. This is the first visit to the Northwest for The Warehouse Sale so don't miss it. Bring your friends, arrive early and stock up on jeans for the Winter.
My goal here is to make sure you all see the amazing shit this city has to offer. I mean, I know you see but I'd like to make sure you learn to love it or (god forbid) hate it but experience it none the less. So, my goal is to make sure Seattle gets all the accreditation it can from this web site. I do realize there is an entire big big world out there, but to be honest, emotionally- I'm not ready to face it and there is no way I'd ever send my fun out there all alone to take on a big world, instead we'll play nicely here in (properly waxed) armpit of Washington. And since I have had the Itch to shop - textiles, linked with fine thread and graced with lovely labels are on my mind. (I do promise to broaden my spectrum to art, food, music and maybe some sites soon).

Two lovely men own these stores: BLISS and DREAM located in the Freemont Neighborhood. In each there is a lot of great stuff (some TERRIBLY overpriced, but highly unique). My favorite new find is the Majestic t-shirt. The are made for both men and woman, long and short sleeved, and insanely expensive for a t-shirt. However, I do have to say, that when washed and warn and washed and warn and washed again, they look just like they did when you unfolded them from the tissue. Don't tell me you can say the same for your James Perse, CandC or Michael Star. Also, these gems are made in France - a lovely calim to fame.

The men's line changes location every-once-in-a-while. So stop in both places to see where the dude wear is holding down fort. The woman's T's are always at DREAM.

3501 Fremont Ave NSeattle, WA 98103
(206) 632-6695

3427 Fremont pl N,
Seattle, WA
(206) 547-1211

Majestic T-shirts, made from soft cashmere and Egyptian cotton, are silky and super pricey.
Who's wearing them: The tight black T-shirt you always see Tom Cruise wearing is from Filateur du Lion, Majestic's men's line.
Price for basic Ts: $78 to $165.

25 October 2006

Sometimes Real Life is better/stranger/sweeter than fiction. And when I go to tell stories about an interesting boy who has a windy whimsical past who has ended up on my doorstep I can't help but smile and wonder who to thank for penning this really fantastic chapter in my life.

(And in thinking about who to thank for all sorts of things it makes me wonder what should and shouldn't be off limits here in this new space.)I think love needs to be shared and discussed and learned in order to become full and real. Fears and worries are pretty private however seldom overcome with out putting them on the table. Choices and decisions, both good and bad can be lessons for others. Shoes and denim are always welcome in my house of discussion. I guess we'll learn together what is too much or too little. I have been, in the past, a girl who likes to indulge in all things. So there's a pretty good chance this little space will be fully exposed sans make-up and accessories. Bare and lovely and honest.

While I think about it - you kids go here: http://threadshow.com/seattle/ and plot your purchases.
I'll for sure be adding a Bella Sisters coat to my collection and fishing for the best and least expensive Crystalyn Kae bag.

on your marks, get set, go.

24 October 2006

you all should go here:


Adelita is owned by a lovely couple who love fashion as much as they love each other. I was just in the other day and had the privilege of shimmying myself into the newest of the new winter wear (however not yet ready for sale). I bought some skinny jeans (nope not over them yet) and a Sigal Dekel Jacket that I plan to wear as often as possible.

Go this weekend (the newest of the new will be out, promise). I may see you and if I do I will drag you to El Diablo for a Cuban coffee and lemon pound cake.

I am not sure what has come over me. maybe I need to walk alone in the rain or get a manicure in a crowded place, but I have erased a lot of words that I really really enjoyed writing and sharing and reading. All gone, up in virtual smoke. And now, I am here in this new space with out all the weight of the consonants and the high pitched vowels.

I am not sure what this new space will do for me and you and my writing. I may choose fashion over emotions and politics over thoughts. I am not sure at all what this new little space has to offer. But what I can promise is that what ever I am thinking or feeling or urging - you my friends will hear about it.

So this little thing will hopefully become a place where some words will be linked together into (somewhat) coherent sentences about a girl who at the age of 8 had to burn her blanket because she couldn't' stop on her own. And how even though, she did her best to make sure she wouldn't "ever" again, she did anyway. So hopefully together we can get to know the girl who doesn't ever like to change but is trying to do so on a daily basis.

I like the idea of not knowing if anyone is out there listening or learning or playing along. And if you are, please don't tell me quite yet. I am learning to do things all by myself, that includes conversations .

This is something from the other space. It's been following me around and tugging on my sleeve, so I have decided to let it play in this space too:

no matter how much we laugh together or how fascinated I become with the melting color of the leaves or how easy it is to drop everything else in the puddles I still have that ache of worry. It sits rather silent in the most common place in my heart. It will often share a table with love and optimism. However its not until I almost forget about it that worry, quite politely, stands and makes herself present. However, no matter how polite she is in making her safe known, she causes the rest of me to freeze. stand still with the shame of failure for taking a new step that may not be as sure as pretty as the last