31 October 2006

I made a a promise that I would write to you every day. I have done so, however I haven't been all too pleased with the way I have been putting my words together. But none the less, they are here day in and day out. I keep thinking about what I'd like this space to represent. I am steering away from 100% of anything. Not too much fashion, not too many feelings, more food and music than I think is needed. What I do know is that this place will be totally Seattle.

I have been doing "research" (surfing the net) for lovely things that I love that I think you might love too. But my goal here is not to link you to a site to buy it/experience it now. My goal is to find it somewhere here in our city. I like to touch things, try them on. I like to talk to the shop girls and boys, the bookstore owners, and the restaurantoure. I like to hear what they think of their creations. It's the one thing that keeps me out and about and loving this city. People have a lot more to offer in person than they do over the web. I want you to be able to learn the story of how someone's special something (restaurant, boutique, bookstore, bar, band, etc.) came to be - face to face.

I think as a whole we have put the concept of connection in our back pockets. My plan is to bring that back and help you understand how much better life can be when we take the time to inhale each other's exhale.


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