25 October 2006

Sometimes Real Life is better/stranger/sweeter than fiction. And when I go to tell stories about an interesting boy who has a windy whimsical past who has ended up on my doorstep I can't help but smile and wonder who to thank for penning this really fantastic chapter in my life.

(And in thinking about who to thank for all sorts of things it makes me wonder what should and shouldn't be off limits here in this new space.)I think love needs to be shared and discussed and learned in order to become full and real. Fears and worries are pretty private however seldom overcome with out putting them on the table. Choices and decisions, both good and bad can be lessons for others. Shoes and denim are always welcome in my house of discussion. I guess we'll learn together what is too much or too little. I have been, in the past, a girl who likes to indulge in all things. So there's a pretty good chance this little space will be fully exposed sans make-up and accessories. Bare and lovely and honest.

While I think about it - you kids go here: http://threadshow.com/seattle/ and plot your purchases.
I'll for sure be adding a Bella Sisters coat to my collection and fishing for the best and least expensive Crystalyn Kae bag.

on your marks, get set, go.


Blogger Brooklyn said...

Bring on the stories and fill up this new space of yours with all of your magic and lengthy limbs...You are such a trendsetter, as the Women's Sports Foundation says, ''Go, Girl, Go".

4:19 PM  

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