26 October 2006

My goal here is to make sure you all see the amazing shit this city has to offer. I mean, I know you see but I'd like to make sure you learn to love it or (god forbid) hate it but experience it none the less. So, my goal is to make sure Seattle gets all the accreditation it can from this web site. I do realize there is an entire big big world out there, but to be honest, emotionally- I'm not ready to face it and there is no way I'd ever send my fun out there all alone to take on a big world, instead we'll play nicely here in (properly waxed) armpit of Washington. And since I have had the Itch to shop - textiles, linked with fine thread and graced with lovely labels are on my mind. (I do promise to broaden my spectrum to art, food, music and maybe some sites soon).

Two lovely men own these stores: BLISS and DREAM located in the Freemont Neighborhood. In each there is a lot of great stuff (some TERRIBLY overpriced, but highly unique). My favorite new find is the Majestic t-shirt. The are made for both men and woman, long and short sleeved, and insanely expensive for a t-shirt. However, I do have to say, that when washed and warn and washed and warn and washed again, they look just like they did when you unfolded them from the tissue. Don't tell me you can say the same for your James Perse, CandC or Michael Star. Also, these gems are made in France - a lovely calim to fame.

The men's line changes location every-once-in-a-while. So stop in both places to see where the dude wear is holding down fort. The woman's T's are always at DREAM.

3501 Fremont Ave NSeattle, WA 98103
(206) 632-6695

3427 Fremont pl N,
Seattle, WA
(206) 547-1211

Majestic T-shirts, made from soft cashmere and Egyptian cotton, are silky and super pricey.
Who's wearing them: The tight black T-shirt you always see Tom Cruise wearing is from Filateur du Lion, Majestic's men's line.
Price for basic Ts: $78 to $165.


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