28 October 2006

When Alyssa was little she used to see me out at the end of the day - thumb in mouth, blanket in hand - she'd remind me to "never forget" her. And my response was always always the same, "never little miss, you are much to hard to forget".

Often I will think about what I need to do here on this earth to make a difference. What can I do to assure things will be better because I was here? I worry about not doing enough. And to be perfectly honest - really what I want to be, what I care about most in life is to be a person of substance and kindness and knowledge, a person  worth being around.

To make sure it all REALLY counts, I donate here:


There is a lot of controversy that surrounds PP. Bottom line, they offer woman the opportunity to make a choice that is best for them and keep their bodies healthy the right way. And to that, I do high kicks and issue high fives. We should all have the right to choose.  

I am off to toe pretties and monsters and Thai food. Happy Saturday People.


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