29 January 2008


What you didn't know is that I've been behind the curtains and hiding in the dark alley's watching you all stumble home and praying you won't rip the tip of your heels on the gutters. And I've been watching you all enjoying life and living vicariously through you - but in places I usually don't go.

I've been watching half naked lovelies roller skating to beautiful melodies at the Can Can. Sipping vodka tonics at 6/7 watching acoustic shows with The French and The Canadians and This Lady . Melting into flirtatious love notes from Amsterdam, Paris and Vienna and filming comedy with this funny funny broad. And Writing the script for our next encounter. When you and I, dear dear readers, can rest in one another's nooks and say nothing yet everything about patent leather flats, spring fashion, and swap notes on the best wine to keep your teeth stained for days.

I feel like, you and I Seattle, we're the kind of friends who can hibernate for a few days and not worry about one another and pick up where we left off with out much recap.

I hope you feel the same.

High kicks and New Encounters,

22 January 2008

I've been composing the same blog since Sunday. I haven't taken the time to finish it. Instead I've been flirting, lounging, and blowing bubbles in the crisp winter sun shine (Can you believe this weather Seattle? Please don't spread the word that our city is so lovely, I'd like it best if you and I keep it to ourselves.) while composing my new inner sound track. I'll finish the blog that actually has important information in it this evening, promise.

For the time being, go to Precocious in Madrona (on the corner of 34th and E Cherry) and buy yourself some bubbles and meet me down the street for a hug and a kiss on each cheek (for good measure).

Wonder Bubbles @ Precocious (34th and E Cherry in Madrona, 98122), $2.50

20 January 2008

I know I've said this a thousand times, but - I've got a lot to share and not much time to share it (lovely food, lively conversation, backless sweatshirts, and Swedish wine, an upward swing for the Seattle music scene). Each minute of this month becomes more and more lovely than the last. I've been excavating some of my most favorite memories from the early part of this decade and reliving them as the girl I am now. I encourage you to do it too, only using your memories.

If you need me, I'll be here and there blazing new paths, reaching goals, and plundering through shoe boxes to find a new favorite flat.

18 January 2008

Sometimes I think I'm the only person who reads my words. And I wonder, most of the time, if it's worth it to continue to stringing together improper sentences, laced with poor punctuation and bad spelling. And then, nights like tonight happen, where you people come out of the woodwork and let me know that my words help you through your day, keep your closet full and interesting, and let you know me without really knowing me. And, really? When you come and say "hello" and let me know that all this really does matter - it truly makes it worth it.

Readers, you put stars in my eyes, and I'm glad we're here for one another.

16 January 2008

What's your New Black for 2008?

Here's Mine.

15 January 2008

I apparently didn't get the memo that AG Jeans are still where it's at. A long time ago when Anthropologie was my home base for shopping, I wouldn't even think about wearing anything but AG's. They fit my waif-y frame like a glove. They were a perfect length with my stilettos and with my flip flops.

I've seen them around - here and there - since I first discovered them. But I refused to buy into another pair becasue I had the butt rip at the seams on THREE pairs.

It wasn't until Sunday afternoon while in Olivine, that I considered another pair. Like old boyfriends, denim seems to find it's way back into your heart even after severely humiliating you publicly. While CoCo was off giving the cold shoulder to an aggressive;y charming chiwawa named Diablo, I shimmied into my new favorite pair of AG Jeans.

AG (Adriano Goldschmied) Denim, The Kiss, $169.00 (+ 40% off)@ Olivine (5344 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107, 206.706.4188)

They also have ALL their Cosabella on sale. Most pieces are 40% off. I picked up a few new pairs of their boy shorts. They are truly the most comfortable undies I own.

Cosabella Soire Mesh Boy-Leg, $22.00 (+ 40% off) @ Olivine.

14 January 2008

I hail from a seasoned clan of story tellers. In getting to know my father I spent long car rides and early morning breakfasts learning his tales of childhood, basketball, love, family, and hard work. It wasn't until I was around a table deep in the heart of Kentucky for Jamie's wedding that I learned about my mothers childhood, the laughs, the beauty and the horror of growing up in her small town - all through long winded stories.

A long time ago when mid-terms and Amercrombie and Fitch where the first thing on my mind - I fell in love with Storytelling. Immersed in Native American Studies at UW I found my place - I identified with - the oral history tradition. I inherently understood the magic of history, life, and legends being passed down from generation to generation with words.

And I think, what I love most about all of this, is the idea that the storyteller herself is at the helm of recreating history. I've always known that words, the way we link them together, the way we put emphasis on certain syllables, the way we use our breath to create emotion is the most important thing we have to offer as people. And because,I can't be face to face with most of you, the written word sprinkled with my breath is what I have to offer.

A long long time ago, my dad followed his dreams. Because back then? Dreams seemed achievable, certain. And he's got story upon story upon story to tell. And now, just now after all the years of stories stacked well above his 7 foot frame, someone has asked him to share, publicly and in print. And he has asked me to take his stories and put them into words. And, I can't tell you how excited I am to put my breath behind them.

For more on my dad and a bit of history on "The Soups" please go:

A little tid-bit here
And here

13 January 2008

I think there's a reason people often sit down and rekindle the memories of their firsts. The first time, most always, is the most memorable, most important, and leaves you with the best feeling - the feeling that we I chase after endlessly.

I made my second trip to HipZephyr this Saturday and was less excited and less impressed with their selection. Now, I do understand it;s the end of the season, their tilling the soil for spring, but I was a little disappointed the second time around. The shop girl, albeit young, was a bit unknowing and rough around the edges. There is only one changing room and a large ottoman in the middle of the store which doesn't allow for much movement. There is a lovely, sweet and cuddly St. Bernard named Lucy that makes her presence WELL known. At some point there were about 7 people in the store and it reminded me of Nordstrom Rack on a Saturday afternoon. Not the sort of shopping experience I'm looking for when buying a 220 + sweater dress (which I did not buy). However, I can say they were OVERLY accommodating when they noticed a teeny tiny and faint pink stain on my MAJESTIC Oh, and they have jelly-beans, which is a total plus.

I know I'll go again, once a season to see what they have, like I've said before, I'm not so good a lesson learning.

I've got a whole season of firsts ahead of me. And, at times, I'm giddy with excitement. And at others? I'm disappointed, because I know the way I laugh, the way I smile, the way the sun sets, the way the music sounds will not be the same with out him. But there is always hope that I'll find a lovelier laugh, a more sincere smile, gentler music, and a more vivid sun-set too.

10 January 2008

Two weeks ago, by boy BFF read me my horoscope and informed me that Mid January and the beginning of February are SUPER good times for Gemini's. And besides the residue left on me from December all has been SUPER good and I'm expecting even better as we push further and further away from December.

I'm hunting for a doggie day care that my little girl to go to a couple of days a week. And, as I said before , I never thought I'd be the kind of person, to do all sorts of things for my do. I won't send her just anywhere. And so far, my top 5 choices are full. ANYONE have any suggestions? She's booked for an outdoor adventure every Thursday at Seward Park with a gang of other bitches. I'm looking for someone to shop with her, sing to her and make her dance to Elton John.

Tonight I'll be at Quinn then celebrating a Birthday. I'll be bringing the Oban and the pretty and a birthday song!

I'll be shopping this weekend. I need a pair of snow bibs for the mountain. I'll be at Hip Zephyr to grab some of their Majestic T-s (they have every style, every color. Literally the BEST selection in the city) and take advantage of their amazing sale (20-70% off!!). I'll also be mingling at Cost Plus looking for a rug and a table for my new outdoor living room.

08 January 2008

Were you one of those kids who wore miss-match socks and rubbed elmers glue on your hands so they would peel?

I'm not sure if you've all noticed by our little city has a charm about him that's unmistakably the nerdy-kid-turned-cool-kid-turned-successful-start-up-CEO-turned- philanthropist-bar-owner. And just in case you were wondering? This Seattle and I, we're weaving a new romance of gut wrenching funny Happy Hours, Play-Dates with our puppies, swapping undies in the ladies room, and cozy Sunday Mornings moping through Ballard.

There's a chance it may be the medication, but I really truly feel like a new gal. A new gal who's still got that red ribbon tied around her pointer finger.

07 January 2008

During the chill, the confusion and the heartbreak of December the titan blossoms on my tree shriveled. My stark white branches dried out and broke in the dangerous winds of harsh words and heavy heavy tear fall. So, here, I'm left with my deep roots of late night dinners, new boutiques, lifetime friends and anticipation of shattering the glass ceiling I've been building since I was a little girl. I'm genuinely excited about the near future for the first time in a long time.

I've got two new restaurants on my to-do list for the week. I've also got some serious nesting to do. I'm on the hunt for a small, minimal desk for my new space. I think I've decided on this:

FREDRIK Desk @ Ikea (601 SW 41st St. Renton, WA 98057), $119.00

SUNE Bar Stool @ Ikea (601 SW 41st St. Renton, WA 98057), $17.99

06 January 2008

Some of you have asked for the New Years Letters from the years past. And, well, this is what I've got:


04 January 2008

Dear Seattle,

Will You Marry Me?


pssst....The Juniper winter sale, listed below, has actually begun. If you go today, walk past Kismet Salon and wave hi! I'll be inside getting all dolled up.

03 January 2008

A long time ago before Seattle had a rotating door of high end boutiques. There was a little store called Les Amis. This French inspired boutique still sits nestled next to the Rocket in Fremont. Les Amis was infamous for housing over priced t-shirts and denim and a staff of shop girls that were better dressed than most bo-ho-chic-types gracing the streets of New York. The were equally as unfriendly, depending out who was in the shop at the time. BUT, not all diseased trees produce bad fruit. From the OZ of Les Amis, Juniper (and one other lovely shoe store, Lambs Ear) was created.

I popped in today to check out what had blossomed since the last time I popped in a few months ago. Lisa stocks the purposefully minimalist racks with John Patrick organic, Stuart + Brown, Loyale, Sir, Loomstate...

I walked away with this

Maria Blouse by Sir @ Juniper (3314 East Spring Street, Seattle Wa 98122, 206.838.7496)

ps- she has a lovely and welcoming, ready to be adopted cat named Henry that poses in her window and awaits shoppers.

02 January 2008

Because Daily Candy has like, 20 sets of eyes and hands doing their dirty work, I'll lend the winter sale extravaganza line-up up to them.

What: Olivine Winter Sale
Why: All winter clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty items marked down 30-70 percent, plus a percentage of Friday’s proceeds goes to First Place School.
When: Starts Fri.
Where: 5344 Ballard Ave. NW (206-706-4188).

What: Tulip/A Mano Semiannual Winter Sales
Why: Double up with clothes and shoes from Mike & Chris, Vena Cava, Chie Mihara, Cydwoq, and more, starting at 30 percent off.
When: Starts Fri.
Where: Tulip, 1201 First Ave. (206-223-1790); A Mano, 1115 First Ave. (206-292-1767).

What: Juniper Winter Sale
Why: Up to 70 percent off ecochic items from Stewart + Brown, Souchi, JP Organic, and more.
When: Starts Fri.
Where: 3314 E. Spring St. (206-838-7496).

What: La Rousse Winter Sale
Why: Entire store marked down 30-50 percent, including Pine IV denim, American Retro, and Karen Walker.
When: Starts Fri.
Where: 430 Virginia St. (206-448-1515).

What: Polite Society Winter Sale
Why: By Malene Birger, Baum und Pfergarden, and all winter/holiday merch at 35 percent off.
When: Now (while the going’s good).
Where: 1924 First Ave. (206-441-4796).

What: Lambs Ear Winter Sale
Why: Up to 50 percent off entire store (including shoes from Loeffler Randall and Ellen Verbeek and bags from Anna Corinna) plus free Cupcake Royale minis.
When: Starts Sat.
Where: 3516 Fremont Pl. N. (206-632-2626).

See you crazy kids this weekend. I'll have my puppy and roommate in tow, if find something in your size I promise to pass it under the dressing room door.