29 January 2008


What you didn't know is that I've been behind the curtains and hiding in the dark alley's watching you all stumble home and praying you won't rip the tip of your heels on the gutters. And I've been watching you all enjoying life and living vicariously through you - but in places I usually don't go.

I've been watching half naked lovelies roller skating to beautiful melodies at the Can Can. Sipping vodka tonics at 6/7 watching acoustic shows with The French and The Canadians and This Lady . Melting into flirtatious love notes from Amsterdam, Paris and Vienna and filming comedy with this funny funny broad. And Writing the script for our next encounter. When you and I, dear dear readers, can rest in one another's nooks and say nothing yet everything about patent leather flats, spring fashion, and swap notes on the best wine to keep your teeth stained for days.

I feel like, you and I Seattle, we're the kind of friends who can hibernate for a few days and not worry about one another and pick up where we left off with out much recap.

I hope you feel the same.

High kicks and New Encounters,


Blogger Brooke said...

Thank goodness for our hand gestures. xoxo

9:21 AM  

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