13 January 2008

I think there's a reason people often sit down and rekindle the memories of their firsts. The first time, most always, is the most memorable, most important, and leaves you with the best feeling - the feeling that we I chase after endlessly.

I made my second trip to HipZephyr this Saturday and was less excited and less impressed with their selection. Now, I do understand it;s the end of the season, their tilling the soil for spring, but I was a little disappointed the second time around. The shop girl, albeit young, was a bit unknowing and rough around the edges. There is only one changing room and a large ottoman in the middle of the store which doesn't allow for much movement. There is a lovely, sweet and cuddly St. Bernard named Lucy that makes her presence WELL known. At some point there were about 7 people in the store and it reminded me of Nordstrom Rack on a Saturday afternoon. Not the sort of shopping experience I'm looking for when buying a 220 + sweater dress (which I did not buy). However, I can say they were OVERLY accommodating when they noticed a teeny tiny and faint pink stain on my MAJESTIC Oh, and they have jelly-beans, which is a total plus.

I know I'll go again, once a season to see what they have, like I've said before, I'm not so good a lesson learning.

I've got a whole season of firsts ahead of me. And, at times, I'm giddy with excitement. And at others? I'm disappointed, because I know the way I laugh, the way I smile, the way the sun sets, the way the music sounds will not be the same with out him. But there is always hope that I'll find a lovelier laugh, a more sincere smile, gentler music, and a more vivid sun-set too.


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