08 January 2008

Were you one of those kids who wore miss-match socks and rubbed elmers glue on your hands so they would peel?

I'm not sure if you've all noticed by our little city has a charm about him that's unmistakably the nerdy-kid-turned-cool-kid-turned-successful-start-up-CEO-turned- philanthropist-bar-owner. And just in case you were wondering? This Seattle and I, we're weaving a new romance of gut wrenching funny Happy Hours, Play-Dates with our puppies, swapping undies in the ladies room, and cozy Sunday Mornings moping through Ballard.

There's a chance it may be the medication, but I really truly feel like a new gal. A new gal who's still got that red ribbon tied around her pointer finger.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you tell me about some really good eye creams?

5:30 PM  

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