25 December 2007

If there is one item in my life that remains sacred in this space, it's my family. You've all heard a bit about my momma and maybe a few tid-bits about my sisters. But overall, I keep this space free from complicated, unbreakable, lovely, heap of emotional beings my family is made up of. But for Christmas my dear Internet, my gift for you? Little drop-lets of why I'm a bit of who I am.

My excruciatingly gorgeous and very pregnant sister Erin, who is just learning to become both domestic and helpful is filling the water glasses for Christmas Dinner. She announces,"Everyone only gets THREE pieces of ice because Amanduuh took too many pieces for her Jack and Coke. THREE pieces, huh!"

While wondering why Erin didn't have to buy a gift for someone, my sister Shannon insists Erin divvy's up the money that should have been spent on the gift for the ex-dater. They bicker and I announce that it'd be nice if we could not fight about MY break-up. Shannon's Husband Jeff, shoves the camera in my face and kindly obliges to be my boyfriend. Here is the photo:

My dad (literally) almost went into cardiac arrest after opening a box of socks from Eddie Bauer stacked six high. It's the little things in our family.

My mother,for the first time ever, buying something off my list. A donation to the Humane Society in CoCo's name and a bathrobe. We've decided that either my requests have become more reasonable or mom has wised up to stick to the list.

My Family, a house hold of people lovers (not so much dogs and cats), graciously allowing CoCo (the youngest of all kids) to help unwrap all the gifts, cuddle on their laps and tolerate her human food flatulence. She was the best Christmas dog ever, truly.

As everyone was making their exit, I sat in the corner with a Cost-co sized bucket of macaroons, held up two fingers in a peace sign, and gave my salutations: "peace out Bitches". Not a one of them did a double take, but instead flashed a peace sign back and lovingly wished me a "Merry Christmas"

And right now, it's snowing. I've gone a head and saved a few of the prettiest snowflakes behind my ears and when we see each other next, I'll let you lean in close and let the little flake tell you all about her secret mission on Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas Friends, Merry Christmas.


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